April Storm

We’re in the midst of a snowstorm right now. A 15 cm pasting of wet, sloppy snow, that makes the roads slushy and no fun for driving, and that sticks to buildings, trees and cars alike, until it gets too heavy and then it falls off into heaps. I like it.

Every year during the first week of April (or almost every April, I think) we get a snowstorm. It’s usually a whole lot of wet snow over a short period of time, and the temperature doesn’t venture too much lower than zero. And although it’s a big dumping of the white stuff, the snow vanishes often as quickly as it came. It’s like winter sends one last blast so we don’t forget about her until she comes back next December.

I like the April storm, unlike most other winter storms we get. It shows up after a couple of weeks of warmish spring weather. And like the rule that you should not plant until the May 24 weekend, it’s predictable, always happening around the same time — although a couple of years it has come as late as the 11th or 12th. So you know that spring has not really come until after that last storm.

After this storm, it’s easy to be optimistic about spring. I can start thinking about what needs doing in the garden or the lawns. I can start putting away the winter clothes and hats and mitts. I can take the bunting bag thing off the stroller and dress the baby in spring jackets. And the heat can be switched off a lot of the time because the temperature is generally reasonable until the dog days of summer.

But mostly, it means I can finally say goodbye to the snow and cold wintery weather I despise and start welcoming spring. And this makes me happy.

5 thoughts on “April Storm

  1. YES. And talk about BORED — That Baby is IT.

    HOW can babies be BORED, for the love of doG? Isn’t EVERYTHING NEW and EXCITING??


  2. Okay, I came here all cranky about the snow and you’ve completely reframed it for me. Thanks for that. 🙂

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