You may have noticed I was not here yesterday. Well, it was 15 degrees outside and sunny. So, That Baby and I went for a walk.

THREE times.

I like going out walking with That Baby, and she enjoys it too. I think we were both tired of sitting inside, tired of the TV, tired of just us over the wintertime. So since spring has arrived, we have taken every opportunity we can to go out.

Our car being on the blink has been a real blessing in disguise. For starters, if we want to go anywhere, we have to walk. Now, that has limited some of our choices — for example, I could not enroll Stinkerbelle in swimming lessons this spring because we have no means of getting anywhere. And it requires compromise — the money I would have spent on swimming lessons will now go towards fixing my brakes instead. But all in all, having to walk places has been good exercise for me, and we both sleep well with all the fresh air.

Another really cool thing is that we are exploring. Some days, we are only walking to the store and back. But now that the days are warmer and there is gradually less and less chance of little people catching a chill or getting chapped cheeks, we’ve had more time to walk. So, I will sometimes get my computer out and pull up a local map before we set out, and we’ll head for a neighbourhood that we have not seen before. Since we are limited to stroller-friendly walks, so far we’ve only ventured to places where we have lots of sidewalk. But it has been nice. I put on my iPod and we just go.

I am getting more fit as we go along, as well. Yesterday, for example, we walked for about 3 hours or so all told, and about 14 km (or 9 miles if you prefer). We wandered down streets we’d never seen before in neighbourhoods we’ve never visited. As long as I checked the map for the major in-and-out streets, we are good. We wander down streets that look interesting, or have good names, or if it is windy, provide some shelter from the wind. But because it is all new and different, I can go for quite some time without noticing the time or the distance, so I am, by extension, able to go farther and for longer, and so on. But I am walking with just baby, stroller, iPod and water, so we don’t venture farther afield than about half an hour’s walk from home, just in case of a diaper blowout or a suddenly hungry Stinkerbelle. So I think as the spring wears on I will have to consider bringing along a diaper bag. And some snacks.

Wandering has been good for our heads, as well. Stinkerbelle has discovered trees, and birds, and dogs that we meet along the way. She’s got a whole big world to discover. Me, I just get some of myself back by listening to news documentaries or travel programmes or whatever music I want to (which is not played on the xylophone a la Baby Einstein, sung by the Wiggles, or is in a movie musical of some kind). And, let’s be honest for a minute, I love the adoration that That Baby gets from almost everybody she passes, as they marvel at her gorgeousness or are won over my her funny, cheerful disposition. It’s good for the Mommy soul.

But the one downside — well, not really a downside, so much as a side effect — of our long wandering walks about town is physical. My everything hurts. Muscles are complaining and cramping on a regular basis. I have blisters on my blisters. And every time I move there’s an audible “URRGGGGGHHHH” or “OOOWWWWW”, which is unbecoming, not to mention how it makes me look like a giant pansy.

And then there’s the issue of sun, which is becoming a problem because That Baby REFUSES to tuck her right hand in, and is consequently getting a tan on one hand. So, sunscreen will soon be in order. Not to mention the GIANT SUNGLASSES I dream of buying her.

We’re both going to look FAB as we wander this summer. As long as you can’t hear my groaning, of course.

2 thoughts on “Wandering

  1. Good for you! I am sure you are both enjoying the great outdoors. As for us the snow is still melting slow but steady.
    I hope it will be gone when you arrive.

  2. Oh Cinn, good for you. You have discovered the Mommy method of maintaining your sanity. I still can’t get off my butt to go for a walk but I always feel so much better when I do. It makes me feel sane again. Soon all the groaning and moaning and muscle aches will stop as they get acclimatized to the abuse (heehee). My turn is coming soon. I need to get my sanity back and Madd Dawn needs to burn off some steam…and I don’t mean by walking along the back of the couch or lunging for the hanging lamp above the couch. I tell you, that toddler’s guardian angel is working overtime.

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