Good Mail Day

Yesterday was a good mail day… because Stinkerbelle got 3 boxes, containing 4 prezzies, from Kelly!


A stunning halter-style beach ensemble, with oh-so-stylish retro applique


Haute couture romper set, complete with haute couture giraffes, for the happening girl-about-town


A couple of books for the diapered intellectual

Stinkerbelle’s first birthday (FIRST BIRTHDAY!! *sniff, sniff*) is fast approaching, so she got some lovely early birthday presents. Which she delighted in showing Grammy via webcam last night. There was much waving garments about and singing, a sure mark of true enjoyment in our house.

I love that the colours are bright and vibrant. With her dark skin, Her Babyness looks FAB in bright vivid colours — and with a closet full of pink and purple, wearing these will be great fun!

So thank you SO much Kelly! We’ll be sure to get some pictures of That Baby in her new outfits (if it ever gets warm enough to wear them!)

5 thoughts on “Good Mail Day

  1. How cute are those!! Kelly is a fashionista extraodinaire and Stinkerbelle will look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

  2. I cannot wait to see her in the giraffes!

    She’s going to be a highly stylish diva!


    How’d you like the book?

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