Happening around here recently:

  • Stinkerbelle has been fascinated with the concept of “in” these past few weeks. She delights in putting things IN other things. So, she likes putting stacking cups inside other stacking cups, for example. So to facilitate this whole new world of discovery, I got out a couple of large Ziploc containers and gave them to her, and she can spend time happily putting toys in these containers and taking them out again. We call them her buckets. Sometimes, she will put a cup inside a bucket and shake it about like a party noisemaker. That’s PARTICULARLY fun.
  • Stinkerbelle is also learning to go for the cheap laugh. The other night, she had BDH and I on the floor, howling with laughter, by belly laughing at us laughing at her laughing at us laughing at her… it was a giggle loop. The other thing she does is put things on her head and then look at us for the laugh. She drapes her chain of plastic links over her head, then looks at us for the laugh. A teatowel, on the head… and looks for the laugh. But sometimes, she does it just for her own self, I think. The day before yesterday, I looked over at That Baby, sitting on the floor, intently watching her movie… with a bucket on her head.
  • One of the cats, Lucy, is feeling a bit neglected since the baby came. Lucy is a lap cat, and because she has very little fur, loves to get up on my lap in the morning or the evening and snuggle for warmth. And I LOVE this. But between the baby and my laptop and my knitting, Lulu is getting precious little lap time these days. I feel bad for her. She’s tried sidling up to me when I am on the floor playing with Her Babyness, looking for a little snuggle sometimes, putting life and limb in harm’s way — because That Baby is FASCINATED by Lucy and wants nothing more than to grab a handful of fur, or an ear, or an eye, or whatever… But Lucy has been INCREDIBLY tolerant in the face of such danger, all for the sake of a cuddle. So this morning, I had the baby on my lap, giving her her morning bottle, and up hops Lulu, looking for a snuggle, willing to share my lap with a squirming, kicking baby. So we sat there, the three of us, quite peaceably, actually — me trying to keep That Baby from kicking or in other ways killing Lucy with kindness, while holding the bottle AND giving Lu some pets. Talk about juggling.
  • Yesterday, I made blueberry muffins for BDH. He likes them, and I like to bake. I have been looking for years for the “right” blueberry muffin recipe, one that tastes like the blueberry muffins he likes (cake-like, no bran or oats, and of a good size so they hold butter well). So I found a recipe in my BHG cookbook and decided to give it a try. I mixed up the batter, and started spooning them into the muffin cups. And they were the TINIEST MUFFINS IN EXISTENCE. Oh well. So, I thought, well as long as they taste okay… So I thought that I’d use some of my daily allotment of Weight Watchers’ points and try one — they’re tiny, so what could it hurt, right? THREE STINKING POINTS LATER, and I was ready to slap whoever came up with the recipe for these miniscule muffins. (To give you an idea, I get about 25 points in a day. So, three points is nothing to sneeze at.) I had used up three valuable points on the muffin equivalent of a stinking TicTac.
  • That Baby likes to be rocked to sleep at bedtime. And honestly, we are quite content to do so. We love cuddle time with Stinkerbelle because we know that it will too soon be gone. So, we rock her, and while Van Morrison plays in the background, we will close our eyes and rest a little until she falls asleep. But recently, she is cracking us up. She has decided to take our before-bedtime cuddle time as an opportunity to practice talking. So, we will be sitting, rocking That Baby, eyes closed, music lilting away, and all of a sudden… quiet baby talk. Baby talk of all sorts of sounds, and changing intonations, and changing volumes. It’s the sweetest sound in the world. But also? When you are trying to seriously IGNORE That Baby so that she will go to sleep, one of the most hilarious. And it makes it awfully hard not to just laugh and snuggle That Baby up and kiss on her like crazy,

4 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. I know, I love the snuggle/giggle stories!

    But yeah….3 pts of a tiny not worth it muffin, girlfriend that totally blows.

  2. I love this blog.
    1. I remember our oldest grandson playing this game. Grammie was usually under the 2 quart size ice cream container.
    2. Children will do anything for a laugh and to get your attention.
    3. If I remember correctly Lucy and I did the same thing in October but it was so cosy I could not scoot Lucy off my lap.
    4. Not going to touch that one. I love muffins.
    5. I would love to snuggle that baby.
    I got to see That Baby today on a web cam that BDH installed on his computer. She has grown a lot in three months and the hair has grown at an alarming rate. Cute as a button but Grandad got more attention then Grammie because he can whistle and I can’t. He started that when we first saw her in October and I think she still remembers it.

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