Onwards and Upwards

Yesterday was not my finest hour.

I admit that yesterday I was a lousy mom, a lousy wife, a lousy friend, a lousy person. I was not at my best, and I did not give my best to the people around me.

People have days like that. It happens. And it sucks because it’s no fun while you are in the middle of it, and it is certainly no fun for those around you.

But from there, we have room for improvement. We can only move onwards and upwards.

It can’t all be sunshine and roses. The bad days happen, I think in part to make you appreciate the good days when they come around. But it’s what you do from there that counts.

I know people who suffer from depression, which is a type of hell I cannot even imagine. And I know people who just selfishly choose to wallow in their own misery (for attention or some sort of bizarre pleasure, I cannot tell). I am very lucky to be neither of those. I am fortunate to be someone who can rebound pretty easily from bad days and bad times. Part of it is conditioning, but mostly it’s just a natural cockeyed optimism. And I am lucky to have a husband whose heart also stays on the windy side of care, and from the way she just rolls with my crabbiness, it seems Stinkerbelle is a fairly happy-go-lucky little sort as well.

Three mostly positive peas in a mostly happy little pod. We are fortunate.

So although it is raining and gloomy outside, today we will try to keep things sunny and warm inside. I’ll do my best to give everyone my best today. And maybe a little more, to make amends for the miserable so-and-so who was hanging about the place yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Onwards and Upwards

  1. Hey Cinn, just doing some quick checking in (I know I am not suppose to be… but you are an exception!). I totally get this! This week was my “special week” as well. The whole situation of horomones and adoption impaired my ability to giggle and melted my brain into a wonky pile of goo!

    I TOTALLY get the car thing! I actually one day did go out and yell at some guy who did that to me (although he COMPLETELY blocked my driveway… schmoo). Don’t mess with the horomones DUDE!

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