Alrighty Then

The House of Peevish backs onto conservation land here in Suburbiaville. The conservation land is actually designated “a park”, but in truth, it’s watershed land. It is full of trails and deer and other wildlife, and there’s quite a bit of streaminess and pondiness contained therein. So, having this to look at everyday… It’s a nice place to live, one must admit.

However, it is coming on spring, and so some of the local fauna has become a bit boisterous of late. It happens. Birds return and start calling, raccoons start tipping garbage cans, and the geese come back and party.

We live in Canada. Ergo, the geese are not just Canadian, but they are Canada Geese. And in Canada, they are given carte blanche to do whatever they please. They stop traffic by standing in the road, they take over people’s lawns, and they’re generally like the party guest at an office party who won’t leave and you can’t throw him out because he’s the boss. They’re certifiably nuts, and we love them for it.

Yesterday, That Baby and I went out for a walk. It was FIFTEEN DEGREES here — FIFTEEN! AND SUNNY! — so we walked for about an hour and a half. We went all over our little corner of Suburbiaville, me listening to BBC podcasts and Stinkerbelle snoozing happily in the sun. And to finish our walk, we did a tour of the newer portion of our housing development. We live on a hill, so touring there is an up-and-down walk that gives me a good workout just before we head into our section and back up our hill towards home. The houses are much like ours, 3-storey old-fashioned-styled homes, but newer — so I like to check ’em out. (Not like we can afford to move or anything, but you know. I am always dream-home shopping.)

As we were walking towards home, I heard some geese. Pretty LOUD geese, too. I figured, with that volume and urgency, they were flying overhead. I looked into the blue sky, but saw nothing. Must have been in the conservation behind the houses, then. So we walked on a little more. The geese got louder. I thought maybe they were in a yard, or on the boulevard, or even crossing the road. Nope.


Geese. On the peak of a roof of a house. In a row. Like pigeons.

Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

And they were up there, honking for all they’re worth. As if to say, “WOOOHOOO! Lookit ME! I’m a PIGEON — get it? NO! NO! WAIT!…. I’m a ROBIN! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

So, I got home, and came inside. I chatted with BDH, and started to tell him my story. “OMG!” he interrupted. “Ted saw the EXACT SAME THING YESTERDAY!!”

So, this is what geese are doing this year? Sitting on top of homes? Doing impersonations? Goose humour?

Well, alrighty then. Who am I to judge what geese do in their spare time? But I swear to you, if I look out the window one day and they’re up in trees? We are SO moving.

9 thoughts on “Alrighty Then

  1. Whoa! So we haven’t had geese problems, yet, but yesterday on our street there was a huge seagull block party. I took a picture. They were all squawking and running around talking to each other as if to say, “Everyone here? Where’s Susan? Susan! Okay, Fred? Fred, you here? Your kids make it back up? Where’s George? George! Molly . . .”

  2. Eew, it sounds a little creepy (this coming from a bird lover). I think I would FREAK if I saw them on a roof. (and I don’t even want to consider the MESS)

  3. I am picturing a goose’s foot, and picturing the ridgepole of a house, and thinking… those geese have pretty good balance.

    Of course, here we have wood ducks, who actually do nest in trees. It’s a little disconcerting to see a duck in a tree, I’ll admit.

  4. Good balance… or perhaps the roof is a little flat-ish. Some of the houses (like ours) have 3rd floor dormers so you can look out over the conservation. Hard to say, though, since they were 3 stories up and I was on the sidewalk. Possibly THAT’s what they were laughing about.

  5. Practical joking geese? Personally, I think it would be funnier if they dressed up in little top hats and canes and tapped dance while singing “Dancing Queen”, but then again…. Perhaps I expect too much.

  6. That is a sight I would like to see – but like Haze I cannot imagine the MESS. Always good when the clown geese can lighten your day with some humour.

  7. The mess I can live with. The NOISE? Right above my HEAD? I would lose it. If I come home some day to find geese sunning themselves on my dormer…

    (Okay. So, that’s an idle threat. ‘Cause what am I going to do? Go UP THERE? I think not.)

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