Adventures in Food – Reprise

Further to my food adventures post, a conversation from late yesterday:

Big Damn Hero says: Hello
CinnamonOpus says: Hi
CinnamonOpus says: Just so you know?
CinnamonOpus says: Parsnips are weird.
Big Damn Hero says: ooookkkkk
CinnamonOpus says: I’m glad they didn’t grow for Peter Mayle. I really am.
CinnamonOpus says: They’re just ODD tasting.
CinnamonOpus says: It could have been a whole different show if he had eaten a bunch of parsnips.
Big Damn Hero says: So unlike anything that you have had before?
CinnamonOpus says: Yes.
CinnamonOpus says:
Kind of like the bastard child of a carrot and a turnip.
CinnamonOpus says: With a bad attitude.
CinnamonOpus says: Anyway, I told you I would report back on them, and here I am.
CinnamonOpus says: I knew you were eagerly anticipating the news.
Big Damn Hero says: A curnip?
CinnamonOpus says: A turrot.
Big Damn Hero says:
A Carnip?
Big Damn Hero says: A Turnot?
CinnamonOpus says: Niprot.
Big Damn Hero says: Tarrot?
CinnamonOpus says: Rotnip!!
Big Damn Hero says: Rottur!
CinnamonOpus says: ROFL!

14 thoughts on “Adventures in Food – Reprise

  1. oooooh! I love parsnips!!!!! If you roast them in the oven with some carrots and little olive oil and some spices – YUMMY!

    Now, parsnips for The Babyness – ya – she probably won’t like ’em!

  2. We love the parsnips. I have never roasted them but it sounds great. We love ours, as I have said before, in a good beef stew or soup. Auntie T had stew at my house, with parsnips that she had never had before, and said that I made the best stew she has ever had. High praise from her indeed, although, she was probably only being nice.

  3. This? Is perhaps why I did not comment on the previous food adventures. I, quietly and all to myself, pondered the wisdom of adding parsnips to a perfectly reasonable soup but I though, “Meh, best not to mention it. After all, she’s been spamming herself, so this may be all part of the bigger problem.”

    I am relieved to find that your mind is not completely gone and that you are still sane enough to note the questionable vegetable that is called the parsnips.

    I’ve got to admit, I’m worried about your other peeps. What with all the crazy parsnip love they have.

    And Sherri? I wouldn’t have thought that such a shocker would come from you, I tell you truly.

  4. The parsnip could sense your uneasiness – it wondered if you could truly appreciate it for what it is! It only reacted to you out of fear of not being enjoyed as it so rightly deserves!!!! 😛

  5. Shifty…. it’s true. Like a shifty vegetable who is bastardly tasting.

    It clearly hasn’t earned it’s street cred in the world of vegetables.

    Tomatoes? They are the bomb!

  6. You know, I’m vaguely certain that a one Basil Campbell is known to indulge in the parsnips.

    And look what it’s done to HIS disposition.

    I’m just saying.

  7. Now, who would have thunk such an unassuming veg would have caused such a debate. I will admit, parsnips are an acquired taste. I do agree though, that the brightly colored, “look at me”, limelight stealing tomato is definately “The Bomb.”

  8. It is true. The tomato is shameless in its self-promotion. And why wouldn’t it be? All plump and juicy and colourful like that. But the parsnip? The parsnip thrives on controversy, I believe.

    Imagine if I had opened a discussion on the various merits of, say, an acorn squash!

  9. Parsnips I love, but I’ve got problems with acorn squash. No matter what I do to it, it always manages to taste so, well, squashy.

  10. Parsnip, pan-cooked with wee bit o’ olive oil, butter, a smidge of demerara and nutmeg…I die.

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