Adventures in Food

Recently, it has been a time for adventures in food. Adventures WITH food. Adventures ABOUT food.

  • I got some samples of beauty products in my junk mail. One of them was a facial cleanser, and so, on the weekend, I thought I would give it a go. My complexion has been a bit… meh… recently, what with being stuck inside all winter and all. So, I took the little packet up to the bathroom, and read the instructions. I tore it open and poured it into my hands. It was greenish, and bore a striking resemblance to olive oil. “Mmmmmkay”, I thought, and rubbed it in as instructed. Then I took a second look at the packet. Turns out, it WAS olive oil — well, part of it, anyway. Oh well. I got in the shower, rinsed it off my face and neck, and carried on with showering. Later in the day, I looked at myself in the mirror. My skin looked… really GOOD, actually. So I googled it, and apparently, olive oil is a GREAT natural cleanser and moisturizer. Looks like I’ll be relocating that little bottle of olive oil that’s sitting unwanted and unloved in the kitchen cupboard…
  • I am trying to lose weight, and have been doing Weight Watchers. It’s been working really well. One of the things I am using in my battle against the bulge, also suggested here on my blog a few months back, is soup. I have been making a big pot of soup every week, and that is what I have for lunch. Now, if you have seen Grosse Pointe Blank, one of my all-time favourite movies, you will know why I have nicknamed my soup “Not a Boring Soup”. (Because carrots and celery are just a base of a soup! It’s not going to be a boring soup!) So every week, I throw a bunch of things together, and voila! Soup. The base is always carrots and onions and broth and canned diced tomatoes. But I try different things each week, and it’s never the same. Two weeks back, I threw in mushrooms and green beans. Last week? Sweet potatoes and turnip. This week? Some frozen yellow tomatoes from my garden, and… Parsnips. I have never had a parsnip before in my LIFE. I only know of parsnips from our A Year in Province DVD. So… we’ll see.
  • I have discovered the joys of PC Blue Menu Chocolate Gelato. And I swear to never be without it again. You will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.
  • I decided, although my daughter is 11 months old and still has no teeth, that it was time for her to move up to junior food. (Mostly because a few jars of junior food was all we had in the cupboard.) So, I opened something that I thought Stinkerbelle would go for: sweet potatoes, vegetables and beef. That Baby has a love of the orange food that knows no bounds. I put some in a bowl. Now, if you have never looked at junior food before, it has little chunks of whatever in it, so kids get used to chewing and textures and whatnot. I tested them, mashing a carrot and a bit of potato, and they were mushy soft. The peas? Not as much, so I just went through and mashed up any I could find. And I sat down to feed That Baby. WELL now. WHAT a PULAVER. You would think I was trying to KILL that baby. There was MUCH face-pulling, and sputtering and choking and going on. Every other spoonful was Teh Drama. “OMG! There’s FOOD in my FOOD!” So, since then, Her Babyness looks at me with MUCH skepticism whenever meal time rolls around. But, thankfully, Teh Drama seems to have passed. The Orange Food, not to mention the hunger, wins out in the end.

5 thoughts on “Adventures in Food

  1. I can imagine the LOOK you got when you introduced the new food to Her Babyness. I could not help but laugh when I imagined the look you got from her.Something strange was put in my food, how dare you. It will take some time for her to except it and a bit longer to enjoy it.

  2. We never had parsnips growing up, but I must say even my girls love parsnips in the stew. Very sweet when cooked.

  3. My mom makes steamed julienned parsnips, carrots and a bit of turnip with a little butter/margarine and lemon juice and a bit of grated lemon rind. All together…it is fabulous and has converted even the biggest turnip/parsnip hater in our family.

  4. See my problem….I sort of despise most vegetables. But yet, I feel like a mean mommy if I don’t make my child eat and also despise the said vegetables. What a world..

  5. Have you tried roasted parsnips? Do them the same as roasted vegetables, a little olive oil, salt if you like and pop them into the oven until tender. Yummy.

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