Fall Forward

Damn that time change. What a pain in my butt.

SPRING FORWARD my arse! More like FALL FORWARD. Right on my FACE.

I used to wake up and it was light. Now, I am waking up in the dark again. Like it wasn’t hard enough before.

My daughter, who was on a reliable, predictable schedule that made us both happy in its reliability, is now sleeping in past 7 am and is staying up way later than she should. And I am not even going into what it has done to her naps.

There is not enough CAFFEINE in the WORLD to get me through the day.  I should have shares in my own coffee plantation by now. My own tea plantation too, come to that. I am so mind-numbingly tired. I have no energy. I am beat.

“Surely”, you say to yourself (taking a moment to add, “Don’t call me Shirley”), “things can not have changed THAT MUCH. It’s just one hour! How is this different from life BEFORE we turned the clocks ahead?”

Well, that IS a good question, Shirley. But it’s actually quite simple.

Now I have something to BLAME.

*waves fist in a futile fashion*

One thought on “Fall Forward

  1. I totally understand what you are going through. Madd Dawn’s schedule is all upset and is not going to sleep until long after 10 p.m. (past my bedtime) and add on top of it the flu and colds and I am totally exhausted. Thank goodness March Break is next week and Daddy and I are both on vacation with the kiddies. Time for some sleep and outside play I hope to tire out the kids.

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