Checked Up

It was checkup day today.

Stinkerbelle had her last of 3 trips to the doctor today, to complete her re-vaccination. The last of 3 appointments to do her first year vaccinations is over — yippee! I mean, I know I agreed it was in her best interests to get these shots again. But that was before I knew how hard it would be for ME.

Ugh. I am That Mom that wells up at the slightest thing. I am crying at successes and tears. I am Teary Crybaby Mom. Big ol’ Sentimental Welly Mom.

Well, it’s HARD! Your happy, bubbly baby suddenly bursts into tears as she gets the first of two needles, and looks at you as betrayed as can be, that YOU would be the one to hold her while this happens! Of course I cried. And today… well, today, I wasn’t even the one who held her. I let her dad do that.

Guilt by proximity, I suppose.

Anyway, she was back to normal again within moments, tears wiped away, and Daddy coaxing giggles from his girl. I was still a bit teary even 10 minutes later, just talking about it. Bah. What a pansy.

But her checkup was awesome. All 28 inches and 19+ pounds of her is bonny and bright. She’s healthy and happy and has made up all the ground we had hoped on the growth chart — she’s up over the 50th percentile in height and at around the 40th in weight. Score! And it looks like she’s just destined to be a long, skinny kid, so the chub she has packed on is about all I think she’s going to. Although who knows? One of the fun things about adoption is that your child will always be a wonderful surprise.

So we are back on track, shots-wise… until May, when it is time for the MMR shot. And that one? Is REALLY painful, according to the nurse. As are the next two.

Daddy’s taking the morning off and coming along for those ones. And I’m bringing along extra tissues.

4 thoughts on “Checked Up

  1. Yes the MMR burns when it is injected. I had mine done just two years ago. It was not fun and it lingered.

    I totally get the mummy guilt. It is horrible and it never goes away!

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