Reminding Myself

There are days, when I see the struggles and hardships of other parents waiting to adopt, when I have to stop and remind myself just how very lucky and blessed we were in our adoption of Stinkerbelle.

There were hard times, sure. There were lots of challenges. The wait sucked. The paperwork sucked. But by and large, things went according to plan most of the time. An extended wait here was often followed up by an unbelievably short one. A hiccup in paperwork was balanced out by incredible luck in the timing of getting things done on some desktop somewhere else in this world.

And in the end, we were rewarded with the greatest joy we will ever know. We brought home a healthy, happy, thriving baby.

Yes, we are short of money, and we have stresses around jobs or home or family bytimes. But we have a roof over our heads, and food on the table, and a gorgeous, good-natured, healthy daughter that we love more than we ever knew possible.

It’s important to take a moment and remember and be thankful for our incredible good fortune sometimes.

4 thoughts on “Reminding Myself

  1. And then there are the moments when your daughter knocks over your giant glass of ice water all over the carpet…

    *runs to fetch towels*


  2. Sometimes we forget to appreciate the little things we have been given in our life time. When we take the time to stop and think about all that has gone on in our lives and what might have gone wrong we should take a moment and thank the greater power that brought us to this point in time. As for the ice water …….look on the bright side …a little water will not ruin the carpet. If it was a glass of red wine I would start worrying.

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