There are a few things I am embarrassed to admit.

  • I am out of creamer for my coffee. And I am desperate to get to the store to get more. I have vanilla coffee creamer every morning, without fail, in my giant mug o’ coffee… and without it my morning coffee is just NOT the same. Nay, my morning as a whole is not the same. I COULD make do, and yet? I am scrambling to see what else we might need so I can justify going to the grocery store to get my beloved creamer.
  • I finally had to bite the bullet and put away Stinkerbelle’s 0-6 month-sized clothes the other day. And I cried a little bit. Although I love seeing all the new things she can do and the little person she is becoming, I am sad to see our little baby growing up. Time is so fleeting.
  • I ate beef and cheese nachos yesterday. A LOT of them. And I didn’t record it on my Weight Watchers points calculator. I’m just going to carry on today like normal, and pretend it didn’t happen. And hope the Weight Watchers cops don’t come looking for me.
  • I watch the Westminster Dog Show every year. Well, I used to, when we had TV. I would watch it every time it was on, even though I had already seen it a couple of times. I would even record it and watch it again and again. Now I just follow the results on their website, which just is not the same. I kind of miss watching it. And I am not even a dog person. I just liked that it was generally happy, friendly television. Nothing bad ever happened to anyone. And the dogs were lovely.
  • I do not want to meet up with anyone I knew before I turned 30. Because I feel like I am like the old me wearing a fat suit.
  • Stinkerbelle is the first curly-haired baby I’ve ever really known. All the babies I’ve been closely associated with in my life until now have been straight-haired. And I am endlessly fascinated with Her Babyness’s curls. I ruffle her curls on a regular basis. I marvel at the big soft loopy-loops that are forming on top of her head. But also, I am slightly intimidated at the prospect of working with these curls on a regular basis. And also? It’s really THICK. No thin baby wisps on this girl — oh no. Not like her mother and her fine limp hair. No, she’s got thick hair like her Grammy. So I know who I will be getting pointers from about THAT.
  • Some of the rooms in our house still haven’t been painted. And we’ve lived here since 2000.
  • I find myself feeling a teeny bit envious when I read about adopting parents getting their referrals or preparing for the arrival of their child or their first meetings with their child. Just a little. It was stressful and challenging and hard — really, really hard — and I certainly don’t miss that part of adoption. But I kind of miss that intensity and spark of excitement that came with those moments of discovery. It was just a really cool thing to experience.
  • I still have not gotten rid of my old Canadian Living magazines. If you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you know I have hundreds of back issues. I was going through them and taking out anything I wanted to keep before I planned to get rid of them. And I had gotten through about 75% of them… when they got moved to another room and completely mixed up. So now I don’t know which ones I looked at and which ones I have yet to look at. And I just can’t face it. (I should just pitch them. I know. I am a pack rat. Baby steps, baby steps.)
  • Although it is entirely impractical and not at all likely, I still secretly harbour hopes that we will pack up and live in other countries. We’re getting a little too set in our ways for that — not to mention, we have a child and cats and a mortgage, so you know, it’s not particularly practical. But part of me occasionally thinks, “OOH, wouldn’t it be fun to live in X for a few months!”
  • I have a dress that looks like the side of the Partridge Family bus.
  • My idea of a perfect vacation is to go someplace tropical and warm. To sleep. Because then, you have sleep OPTIONS. You can sleep in, in your nice hotel room. You can sleep in the shade on the patio of your room in a nice lounge chair. You can sleep in the sun on the beach. You can sleep in a hammock with a book you almost read. You get the idea.

4 thoughts on “Blush

  1. I have to admit that I’m jonesing for Canadian Living. Cause that mag? Is the best! That one holiday thing is a standard Christmas in our house now, and I get some of my bests ideas.

    But truly? I actually love the ads best of all. Oh, the things you Canadians can get that we cannot.

    Le sigh.

  2. I have finally got rid of my Canadian Living magazines!!!!!
    It took a long time and like you I took the time to go through the issues and cut out what I thought I wanted. Do you want to know what happened to those pages ? They are in a pile under my cupboard waiting (2-3 years) for me to organize them. But I couldn’t just throw them out could I? Some day when I haven’t anything to do I will get at them, after I do all of the other things I am going to do on those days. And so it goes.

  3. I think fantasizing about living in another country is definitely better than the actual living. The living is nothing like the fantasy. At all. But then, if I were lounging on a beach in South America or cycling my way through Tuscany every afternoon, I might feel differently. Instead I’m trudging through snow up to my waist and trying to avoid being killed by the sidewalk plow. Not quite as picturesque as I expected.

  4. No need to blush – you had me at the coffee creamer. I’ve driven to the store for less (well not LESS – that was the minimum I was going for. I may have brought chocolate just to justify the trip).

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