Continuing Ed

More in the continuing saga of “Things I have learned as a stay-at-home mom”:

  • Getting out during the daytime, even for routine things, is important. Being stranded at home this past month, with no car and no inclination to walk in the wind chill, even if I had a sled, has been hard. On both of us. We’re both a little tired of being stuck indoors, just us two, and I didn’t really get it until the other day when we got out for a walk. It was awesome, and we both appreciated the fresh air and sunshine. And we could both stand to get away from the TV.
  • Speaking of too much TV… I can recite the dialogue for Annie and Mamma Mia by heart. And I have really come to LOATHE that Sky person in Mamma Mia and his cheesebag accent and rodent face. And I swear if my daughter someday brings home a man who calls her “Baby”, I am building a dungeon. And a moat. A BIG moat.
  • $3.99 for a bag of peanuts is a bargain at twice the price, just for the endless hours of entertainment provided by the local squirrel and blue jay populations.
  • Having a child who is taking her time learning to crawl is a blessing. Especially since we’re stuck indoors.
  • I don’t believe any mom who says she can keep the house clean (REALLY clean), have all the laundry done and put away, put a decent supper on the table promptly, AND who says she can spend time with her small kids and engage them in meaningful activities. Not possible. Not without a staff.
  • If you can’t stand the taste of that baby food, don’t expect your child to eat it. Fair is fair.
  • If you’re going to bath a water-enthusiastic baby, dress appropriately. Like, in a snorkel and wetsuit, maybe. To bath That Baby is to bath oneself. And to observe the bathing of said baby is akin to watching a show at Marineland… while sitting in the front row.
  • There are more ways a baby can stink than I had anticipated. And the fact that I can tolerate most of them has come as a surprise, too.
  • The house is a mess. There are chores to be done. And that is okay. Everything stops for an hour if That Baby needs to cuddle, man.

2 thoughts on “Continuing Ed

  1. Good thing Grammy and Grandad have a pool. Mind you, if That Baby is anything like Autumn and Madd Dawn, have fun getting her actually OUT of the pool. Expect to spend the day, pack snacks and drinks, lots of Little Swimmers and sunscreen. Sometimes taking along supper helps too!

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