Photo Tagged

Eden’s mommy tagged me with a photo meme — she figured since I’ve posted a few photos recently, what’s one more?

Here’s how it works: Go to your fourth folder of photos and post the fourth photo you find there. No editing allowed. Easy enough right?

So I went to my fourth folder, which contained a folder, which contained another folder… but then I got to the photos. Problem is, the photo IS edited already. The folder is a bunch of photos I applied different styles to for a blog I used to write. Oh well. I’ve BASICALLY followed the rules.

Here it is:


Just a shot we took at High Performance camp a few years back. We kind of liked it. It has a kind of Ken Danby-ish feel to it. Without the talent or the paint, obviously.

And now, I am supposed to tag some people, so I choose Stephanie, Shelley, Alana and Janice. If they feel like it.

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