Things I Need to Invent

Or, if they have been invented already, I need to obtain:

  1. Heavy duty overnight diapers for small babies. My daughter sleeps 12 hours at night. (Yes. I know.) So half the time, she wakes up absolutely soaked, and pee has leaked out and soaked the sheets. This means she’s wet and uncomfortable for probably half the night, and I am peevish and uncomfortable at doing more laundry. Which leads me to…
  2. Self-making beds. Or a machine that makes the bed. I am finding the job is a pain to get done.
  3. A stroller sled. I need a stroller that has skis on the bottom, so I can take my daughter for walks on these stupid winter days. A stroller that is also a sled. Or maybe, a ski/sled-type attachment that you can swap in and out with the wheels on a stroller.
  4. Really good high-quality chocolate that is devoid of anything bad for you. Okay, so maybe it’s magic chocolate.
  5. Baby Beauticians that do house calls. (No, not beauticians who ARE babies. That would be silly. Beauticians who SPECIALIZE in babies. Which is only slightly less silly.) I swear to doG, I cut That Baby’s fingernails and toenails every other day, and they are STILL razor sharp talons of doom. What That Baby needs is a good manicure/pedicure… okay, maybe somebody who can properly cut and shape those teeny little nails. Somebody professional. Somebody who will come to the house. And maybe somebody who will be able to cut and style her hair when the time comes, too.
  6. Mommy mouth-guards. I have been head-butted and smacked in the mouth with plastic toys wielded by That Baby more often than I care to remember. I’ve had fat lips and sore teeth. I am trying hard to get down and the floor and play with her more often, but dude… I’m afraid I’ll be taking my teeth in my hands — literally AND figuratively — as she gets stronger. And a hockey helmet with face guard seems a bit over the top.
  7. A few extra hours in the day. Just for some nap time for mom and dad.

5 thoughts on “Things I Need to Invent

  1. I know the stroller with sled/ski’s exist! My brother has a fancy schmancy “chariot” with ski attachments on the bottom…it’s PRICEY though like almost $1000.

  2. I have a chariot, best invention EVER! We have a double one with stroller, bike and jogging attachments. The thing is a machine and highly recommended! If you get the ski attachments it also comes with a harness system so you would pull it behind you, its for people that cross country ski… sorry big digression there! But I LOVE my chariot!!! They are a bit expensive depending on which style you chose and how many attachments, BUT you can often find them second hand at a great price. Oh and for winter condition, the jogging attachment is perfect and plows through anything… its all I use that attachment for… I don’t actually jog… that would just be silly. 🙂

    Anyway for normal walks, I have a Red Flyer wagon (Sears sells them) and it comes with wheels for the summer and ski’s for winter. The only downfall is that it is a wagon, which means your child can jump out at pretty much anytime. In my case this severely limits its use, but if you have a child that will actually sit, it would be handy and I don’t think its overly expensive.

    Sorry HUGE ramble here!

  3. Move her up a size in diapers for night time..they will hold more…just make sure they are snug. I found as soon as I moved Nathaniel a size up..the leaking (which happened all the time) stopped.
    Good luck on the chariot…

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