Did You Know?

I’m learning more about human nature. There are things I didn’t know about people before that I am discovering recently.

Did you know we could let ourselves be covered in some of the nastiest substances known to man and not even flinch?

Did you know we could feel such a need to abandon everything else and run to help a crying child?

Did you know that we could find such joy in another’s smile?

Did you know we could willingly not sleep to care for someone else?

Did you know that you could spend an hour just rocking and snuggling a sleeping child and not care that there are other things to be done?

Did you know you could look at a child and feel such a swelling in your heart, that it makes your eyes well up and those prickles start behind your nose?

Did you know we could do that?

I didn’t know we could do that.

(thanks for the idea, SportsNight)

3 thoughts on “Did You Know?

  1. I too have had these feelings and yes it is called Mommy or in my instance it could also be Grammie.These little ones who have been given to us to care for and comfort them is one of the miracles of God that I am still experiencing at 65 years of age. I would not give it up for anything in this world.All that is required is a little one who is entirely dependent on us and a big heart to take them in with no reservations except to love them and they will return it many times over. SOB!!! Here I go welling up again.
    Did you also know that your heart can keep growing every time it swells up and still have room for more swelling?
    Did you know that once you are a Mommy you are always a mommy no matter what the age of your child?
    Welcome to the MOMMY CLUB.

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