(K)New Me

Today was a day of change. Okay, not so much change as the START of change.

  • The sun was out. Bright and shiny and warm. It’s the first time I have felt optimistic and positive in weeks. Yay for sunshine!
  • I’m working on a menu plan. I was feeling so optimistic with the sunshine streaming through the windows, that I got out a bunch of cookbooks and just started going through them. We’re working on a number of fronts here  — healthy eating, better portions, within a budget — so it’s not easy. But I was so looking forward to trying some new things and cooking to put stuff in the freezer, I went and grabbed a few ingredients from the shelves/freezer, and hopefully I can get started soon.
  • I joined Weight Watchers online. Again. Good doG, why do I keep doing this to myself?? (I know why. I like the online tools. Isn’t that sad? Okay, the toys are not the ONLY reason. I mean, nobody joins a weight-loss program JUST to play with software.) So I am starting to work on losing some weight, as I had mentioned when New Years rolled around. I like the inside me, but I hate the outside me. So, it’s time. And to help with that…
  • I got on the bike for a workout. It’s literally been MONTHS since I have had a good workout — since it got too cold and the weather turned too foul to go for walks each day. And I’ve been needing some exercise. So, after a few off weeks, I got Stinkerbelle back on a routine and that freed up just enough time for a bit of a ride today. I ache a little bit. It’s a little bit painful. It’s great. And hopefully, that will get me back on form and ready for our walks once the weather begins to cooperate again.
  • I cut my own bangs. Hmm. Well, possibly asymmetrical bangs will come into fashion…? Oh well, it saves us money and I can’t actually drive out to see my hairdresser anyway until my car is fixed. And even so… pack up myself and That Baby, drive 30-45 minutes for a 10 second bangs trim, and then drive all the way back again? I don’t think so.
  • I figured out how to post pictures and password protect them! Oh wait, that was a couple days ago…

It’s starting to be a whole new me. Hopefully the old me will make a graceful exit. (I doubt it. The old me has a history of overstaying her welcome. She’s a bit of a bastard that way.)

5 thoughts on “(K)New Me

  1. I wish it wasn’t a thing for you to be able to get out right now.

    But soon – oh so soon – you’ll be planting your own garden and that will help not only with the budget, but with cabin fever, healthy eating, and fun for Stinkerbelle.

  2. Weight watchers online is great but I have found an even better site. http://www.sparkpeople.com/ It has all the same features plus fitness and goal setting and do you know what the best thing about it is? IT’S FREE!!! Check it out. You will want to cancel your weight watchers membership when you join up here. I did.

  3. Good for you Cinn, what a great step!! I’ve been doing WW but the old fashioned way…going to meetings and have lost almost 22 lbs. It works when I stay on it, but, then chocolate likes to call me (especially this week) and off I fall again. But today, we’re doing good.

    Good luck 🙂

  4. My advice on the diet and the budget is soup. Lots and lots of homemade soup; it’s cheap, fast and easy to make. A few years ago I went on a (dr. prescribed) diet where I cut out all processed sugar and then switched to a limited amount of whole grain breads and reduced the amount of fruit I was eating (I am fruit addict). Also no fast food unless it was something like a salad or whole grain wrap. Then I ate my mom’s homemade soup everyday for lunch and had a regular dinner. I pretty much ate until I was full just different foods. I went from 170 to 135 pounds between early fall and late spring. My mother also does weight watchers and sticks to the homemade soup for lunch and has lost 30 lbs and kept it off for the last year.
    Unfortunately, I have fallen off the soup wagon as of late due to all the adoption stress—-this girl needs her treats right now. But I am slowly working my way up to regular treadmill use….although it doesn’t help when I burn 200 calories followed by a big piece of cake.

    Best wishes and congratulations on your commitment to health.

  5. Thanks for the support guys. I will think of you when I am tempted to dive face first into a bucket of ice cream.

    Pass the crisp veggies and soup!

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