What Means This… “Password”?

If you have read this blog at all for any period of time, you know we like to preserve a modicum on anonymity out here on Teh Intertubes. We go by nicknames. I don’t post pictures of people in my family or circle of friends. The only ones who go by actual names and actual pictures are our cats, because hey, they’re stars. They have their public to think of.

But where it most often applies is when it comes to our daughter. She has no say about whether or not I am posting stories about her life and times. But I do like to respect her privacy in refraining from posting photos. Let’s be honest, Teh Internet is not always a happy friendly place, particularly where children are concerned, and I don’t believe posting her photo is necessarily in her best interest. So, most of our daughter’s pictures are, to paraphrase BDH and a couple of readers, “Wilson-ized” (translation: like Wilson from Home Improvement, you only get to see bits of her face.)

When she’s old enough, then she can decide whether she wants her photo plastered all over Teh Internets… at which point her father will say “The HELL you will.”

But, there are times where I want to show off my daughter, or post a picture of us together. Or maybe even post a video… if I can figure it out. So I am going to try an experiment, and post a picture, and password protect it. Because I want to see how it works. ‘Cause I am crazy like that.

So what means this… “password protecting” thing? Well, it means that I make a post, and you’ll need to enter a password to read it — not the entire blog, just the post. (And, any subsequent posts that are password protected.)

THEORETICALLY, it will work like this. We’ll see.

And if you are interested: The password is easy, if you know my daughter’s first two names. Just replace the As with @ signs and the Es with 3s and you’ve got it. SO… for example, if my daughter’s names were Sarah and Jane (which they are NOT), the password would be S@r@hJ@n3.

Numbers substituted for vowels. And all one word. Got it?

Or… if that’s too complicated, I can email it to you. Whatevs. It’s all good.

So if you want to, try it. We’ll see if it works. And if it does, I’ll see what else I have to share with my peeps.

13 thoughts on “What Means This… “Password”?

  1. Ok this has me totally confused. I completely understand if you do not want to share the password, but if your willing, I am at (shelley’s email address).

  2. I completely understand the need for privacy – I use pseudonyms on my blog too, even for my dogs. If you are willing to share, I would love to see pictures of your Stinkerbelle. I promise not to stalk or share the photos or stories.


  3. Okay, I’ve got the first half of the password figured out but unsure of the second half. Can you please send it to me???? Pretty please???

  4. Dude. I get it. I even started watermarking my password protected pictures. I completely get it.

    I LOVE her HUGE fan club. You know what she needs? T-shirts. She totally needs Stinkerbelle fan club shirts.

    And possibly a decoder ring.

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