When asked the question last night by BDH, I would have to say my favourite chocolate bar isn’t a bar at all. Rather, I like an assortment box of very good quality chocolates: lots of nuts, plenty of caramel, no fruit flavoured, and heavier on the dark chocolate.

So today I have an assortment of things. With its fair share of nuts.

  • We’ve been gauging the weather these days by looking at the number of snowflakes in the icons on the Environment Canada website. Usually, it’s a three-snowflake day. If we’re expecting a little more snow, it’s a four-snowflake day. But yesterday? An EIGHT-SNOWFLAKE day. We thought it might have been Environment Canada’s way of telling us about the Apocalypse. As it stands… they might as well skip the snowflakes, and make the icon a SHOVEL.
  • Speaking of which, our road has been plowed exactly twice so far this winter. Before I was grounded with my brake-less car, it was difficult to get around, given that we live on a hill. My car struggled to get up the hill, so we went DOWN when at all possible. But there were days when there were Purolator trucks out there, spinning their wheels and sliding backwards down the hill. Other cars (mine included) would sometimes get hung up on the buildup of snow. So it was an event to have our street plowed, and we would have been excited, except for the fact that when they plow so infrequently, you often get plowed into your driveway. The first time, they came out and plowed in advance of a rapid freeze — the temperature was dropping from 0 to -27 in the course of one night, and plowing afterwards would have been considerably more difficult. HOWEVER, that meant that we got plowed in, and then the temperature dropped and the snowbank became a frozen wall of ice. We needed A PICKAXE to dig ourselves out.
  • Today, my daughter discovered the joy of rolling a ball. Grammy and Grandad got her an awesome soft ball with a jinglebell in it for Christmas, and while nice, she never really knew what to do with it. And then today, it rolled away from her, and she giggled. I rolled it back, and she laughed. She rolled it away and I rolled it back… and she belly-laughed. And then she grabbed it and hugged it. Cutest. Thing. EVER. And, best of all, we have a game we can play together now.
  • BDH has been feeling bad for me and the bad mommy days I have been having the last little while. So last night, so I didn’t have to do anything, he brought home Szechuan. Nothing lifts a mood like good Szechuan food. The best Szechuan food I ever had was out in Edmonton, but we have a restautant in town that does a good Szechuan beef chow mein. And cheap, too.
  • We missed garbage day yesterday. Apparently they came extra-extra-early — since they really have no plan, as I have complained about a number of times before — and I did not hear the trucks. The EIGHT-SNOWFLAKE WEATHER must have muffled the noise. Anyway, I went to take out the garbage and nobody else had theirs out. I wondered if it was a holiday and nobody told me. Nope… The Mayor’s Wife drove up while I was hauling the garbage out and let me know the trucks had been by hours earlier. So I hauled everything back in again.
  • I was discussing our List of Things to Buy with my friend Heather the other day. Our list is unusual. Heather’s list? A new TV is at the top, and the rest consists of a few normal household items. Our list? Stairs tops the list, followed by such diverse items as brake repair, gates, a warm-air humidifier, a server, a visit from a junk-hauling company, and a windshield. And then, if we are not COMPLETELY broke… a couple of bras for me.
  • Some babies, who shall remain nameless, have learned that being a hambone for the camera will ellicit laughs from whoever’s taking the picture. Some people’s kids apparently love an audience.

3 thoughts on “Assortment

  1. see, your list of things that you need to buy sounds much more “normal” than your friend’s list to me… which might not be a good sign.

  2. Some peoples kids have a willing audience and your wish list sounds usual to me. Most young families will have the same list as you.

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