The temperature has warmed up, the wind has died down, and the locals are hanging out at the local eatery again.

At one point, there were 6 of them out there. Two gray squirrels and four black squirrels, squabbling over peanuts and sunflower seeds. It was like the Sharks and the Jets, only without the catchy tunes.


2 thoughts on “Squirrelapalooza

  1. Okay, this sounds very strange, but I don’t think I have ever seen a black squirrel – brown, red, and grey yes… but black, not so much. Very cool.

  2. I love the little black squirrel in the second picture hanging off the side with the snowy little face….too cute.
    We have black squirrels where we live too and it wasn’t until we moved here that I knew black squirrels even existed.

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