A Girl, Her Giraffe, and Their Music

Stinkerbelle loves her music. And she loves her giraffe. Now, if one of them could only figure out how to operate the DVD player.

Oh, I LOVE this one! How does this thing work again?

Maybe there are some instructions on the back…

I know you’re in there!!

Rats. I surrender.

10 thoughts on “A Girl, Her Giraffe, and Their Music

  1. I love it. Don’t worry she will find out how to get to the bottom of things in a hurry.
    Madd Dawn is now showing Grandad how to get things on the tv and how to put things on the DVD and VCR. His head is just spinning when she leaves.

  2. ah, just wait, she’ll be stuffing inappropriate objects into the DVD player before you know it and operating the remote like a madwoman. (Although at least there are less inappropriate objects that fit into a DVD player, as compared to the previous technology. Peanut butter sandwich in a VCR, anyone?)

    and “huggable” is an understatement!!!

  3. How come muffin tops are so terrible on adults – but on babies, it’s the soul of cuteness? I mean, soul-food cute-i-licious-ness. You must love cuddling her πŸ™‚


  4. Yeah, we’re partly to blame for the muffin-toppishness. She’s so little, and she’s just moved up a diaper size and the diapers are still so big, and so to avoid the leakage (especially overnight, when she sleeps for 12 hours straight) we have to fasten them a little snug.

    But a lot of it is just her Buddha belly-ness.

  5. Oh, if they could only see and hear her scrunch up her face, squint her eyes, and huff in and out her nose. I miss her so much! The pic you sent mom of her doing her huffiness squint is my fav and I could actually hear her it was so realistic. Dreaming of April already. She looks so healthy and happy.

    Wait awhile and she will have the DVD thing down pat. Madd Dawn will show her a thing or two I am sure.

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