Great Day for Staying In Bed

Holy icicles, Batman. It’s -27 outside.

MINUS TWENTY SEVEN. And that’s not including wind chill. DUDE. That’s cold. But it’s not just here, it’s across much of the country. (Except the Yukon, to which I say, good on them. They get enough of the cold there.) And out west? It’s something like -250 or some ridiculous thing. People are probably freezing to their toilet seats and stuff out there. It’s not good.

It’s so cold, I let BDH turn up the heat. Me, the cheapest of the cheap, am succumbing to the siren song of the furnace and basking in the glow of a warm-ish house. So long as you don’t go near any windows. The tile floor is considerably warmer than the ice-rink feeling it normally has. I could be comfortable in less than a layer of fleece, if I wanted.

If I am honest, I am actually kind of glad to be housebound without transportation on days like this. Sure, you get a little stir-crazy, but at least it’s warm. (Plus my back is a bit sore today after doing doG knows what to it PLUS some extended walk-and-rock time last night, so it’s nice to not have to haul myself, carseat, baby and assorted paraphernalia hither and yon.)

But on days where some people’s kids get up early and somehow refreshed after a late night of keeping the house up with gas pains and crying, it’s kind of hard to get motivated to do much. I rolled over and looked at the clock at half-past dark this morning, and wanted nothing more than to snuggle deeper under the duvet and sleep for several more hours. Like a hibernating cartoon bear, with a sign outside my den reading “Do Not Wake Until Spring”.

It’s the perfect day for staying in bed late, comfy and warm and dreaming under the covers, maybe to wake up to a lazy brunch and a newspaper. Yes?

Ummmm, no. Sounds great and all but unfortunately, real life’s not like that, is it.

I admire those people who can get out and enjoy days like this. People who call the weather “bracing” and make that BRRR-RRR-RR-RR sound while they cheerfully go about their business. People who bundle up and go cross-country skiing, baby in a sled pulled behind them. People who go for regular walks, regardless of weather. People who look forward to these days. (Not those joggers who are out on days like this. They are just nuts, man.)

I am not one of those people. I am made for warmer climes. (And until I packed on the extra pounds, I was a big fan of hot climates. Right now, the added insulation means I’m only good for warm.)

So, since staying in bed is NOT an option, it looks like we’re going to have to find some good substututes. It seems like the perfect day for warm drinks — good thing, too, because it’s one of those days where you feel like there is NOT ENOUGH CAFFEINE IN THE WORLD to wake you out of the tired you have going. It’s the perfect day for napping when That Baby naps. It could be the perfect day to introduce That Baby to a storybook, reading together and sitting under a blanket on the sofa. It might even be the perfect day for making a batch of oatmeal cookies, with an extra pinch of cinnamon.

I’ll definitely nap when That Baby naps today, that’s for sure. And maybe then I will dream about a lazy day under the covers, while the wind blows and the house creaks in the cold.

6 thoughts on “Great Day for Staying In Bed

  1. I think you should make oatmeal cookies with the “large” cup of chocolate chips! 😉

  2. Ya, what Rhonda said!!!! Oh and Cinn we do have indoor plumbing out west 😉

    Snuggle in and enjoy the warm temp in the house!!

  3. From the sounds of it we are in for the same weather tonight.
    I am glad we don’t have to leave the house. I think I will take your advice and stay in bed as long as I can tomorrow.
    Could you send some oatmeal cookies to me so I can enjoy them with some hot coffee. If you have chocolate chips you could throw them into the batter as well but if not plain oatmeal will do just fine.

  4. We got the weather you were talking about today and to top it off we woke up to the cold weather plus no power, no heat,no water and no hot coffee to ease the pain of it all. Hubby got coffee at the local Tim’s and got the fireplace going to take the chill off. You are right it is bone chilling. I could have used some of That Baby’s heat this morning.

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