I Admit It

Okay. I admit it. I’m a bit of a bastard. A bit of a lazy, procrastinating, not-posting bastard.

(You will note I did not say pie-stealing bastard. Well, some things are self-evident. But also, we haven’t had pie in FOR-EVAH. So. But I digress.)

I’ve gotten a whole bunch of quilt squares in, and I have yet to get the camera out and take pictures and post about any of them.

Honestly? I am getting behind in a lot of things.

Suddenly — well, since we got back from holidays — Her Babyness has just become so BUSY. No, she’s not taken up ballroom dancing or skydiving or anything, but in her own way, she is keeping me hopping. She’s moving, and talking, and trying new things every day. It’s awesome.

But also? I made a promise that I wasn’t going to be one of those moms that park their kids in front of the TV Babysitter all the time so that I can do other things. Sure, I do put her in her saucer to watch the tube from time to time, so I can get my own breakfast or change a load of laundry or prep supper — who doesn’t? — but I am really trying to engage with her more.

I’m trying to do things WITH her, and often the TV is just part of the fun. So today, for example, I put her in her saucer and put Mamma Mia (her new fave) on TV. But then, I sat down beside her and helped her do something new: she ate her first Cheerio all by herself today. Other times, we’ll sing and dance. Depending on what’s on, we’ll play along with the video or talk about what’s going on or just play together.

I was a latchkey kid, and TV was my babysitter and my companion. It was by necessity. And I survived just fine. But I am trying to start my daughter off a bit differently, so TV is occasional entertainment or a means of learning something. (We don’t have real TV, anyway. We have DVDs. So what I put on for her is limited to what we own.)

But I am trying to make time to engage with my daughter, because… well, she’s just so cool. She’s fun and as cute as can be, and I enjoy being with her. And to be completely honest, this might be our only chance at being parents, and I don’t want to miss out on things. I know I am in her face a lot — HULLOBABYHOWAREYOU, ISN’TTHISGREATIAMYOURMOMYOUAREMYKID, LIFEROCKSDOESNTIT? — so I do try to give her a little down time and a little space to just play and relax.

But otherwise, man… she may be watching TV, but I am watching HER.

I admit it. She’s a bit of a saucer potato. And I am a bit of a floor-by-the-saucer potato.

And I admit, it’s keeping me from posting stuff. I’ll get to it, I promise. But not right now, the good bit is coming up in a couple minutes…

5 thoughts on “I Admit It

  1. That’s it. I’m calling the authorities. You are subjecting your poor, innocent child to ABBA???? Say it ain’t so.

    (Also, have you tried just topping up your brake fluid? If it’s a slow enough leak you might be able to run short errands. I know, neither mechanically nor environmentally responsible but if you’re desperate…)

  2. I know, I know. But as someone who worshipped the Bay City Rollers as a child… who am I to judge?

    Plus too much of the Cure at this age… do you KNOW how hard it is to get black baby clothes? And I am NOT letting her wear all that eyeliner until she’s… what… well at least FIVE maybe.

  3. Take your time and enjoy all moments you can with Stinkerbelle – don’t worry about all the other stuff!

    And Tafel – ABBA ROCKS!!! I loved, loved, loved Mamma Mia and when I got for Christmas I was so excited!

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