Nine Months

Stinkerbelle is now nine months old. She’s just finished her 4th month with us, and her 9th month on this planet. So here’s the latest:

  • She is now 17 pounds. And while she’s holding steady at the 50th percentile on the height charts, she’s rocking the big 25th percentile on the weight charts — which is a huge gain from the under-10th percentile she was when we brought her home.
  • Her growth has regularly been off-the-charts — meaning, she’s growing at a faster rate than the average kid.
  • She still fits into many of her 3-6 month clothes, with the exception of full-length things like sleepers, because of her height. I think by the end of this month, we’re going to have to pack the 0-6 stuff away. And I admit, I will be sad to see some of the adorable little outfits go. I am a little sad that my tiny little infant is growing up.
  • She’s fairly gabby. Just like her parents. She babbles a lot, has learned to screech, and is into what we call “talking with her mouth closed” which is essentially just mimicking intonation, I think. She will do that in the morning while talking with Mr. Bear and her other pals in bed. It is high comedy some mornings.
  • She’s fairly shouty. (Can’t IMAGINE where she gets that from.)
  • She’s starting to get a little bossy. (Where THAT comes from, I have NO idea…)
  • Crawling — well, more like pushing, actually — although backwards, has started. She’s also got the rolling thing down, although she only uses it when she has to. She doesn’t seem to be one of those kids who rolls all over the floor to get places. She has, however, learned that she can stick her feet under her and push herself around while lying on her back, which makes for some interesting scenes when we go to get her from her crib in the morning.
  • She has absolutely no interest in actual food. She’s still content with the baby food. But that may be because…
  • She still has no sign of teeth coming in. But as she has taken to sticking her fingers in her mouth a fair bit more this past month, who knows what we have in store for us this month.
  • She loves to socialize. And the “making strange” phase has passed, for the most part, which is nice.
  • She still blows raspberries, which, after 4 months, sometimes for hours a day, is starting to grate on the nerves a little.
  • She loves to look at herself in the mirror. And she loves pictures of babies… particularly herself.
  • She still loves Van Morrison. She will be asleep within about 5 minutes most times if we put him on at nap or bed time. But she also loves a good dance party to just about anything with a good beat.
  • She has learned to kiss — which is delightful. She kisses all her baby dolls and stuffed animals when she plays with them. And she kisses Daddy. (Not Mom, very often, but we keep trying. Mostly she’d rather just cuddle with me instead, which is also good.)
  • For Daddy she has kisses. For Mom, she has belly laughs. I can get her to belly laugh pretty easily… especially late in the day when she is getting tired and EVERYTHING is funny.
  • She’s started trying to assert some independence, which is sometimes not so delightful. She will try to roll away from you while you hold her, or while she is being fed or having her diaper changed, or while she’s sitting in her high chair (yeah, THAT’LL work). She has also started to push away, which is always met with a “Where are you going? You can’t go anywhere. You know how I know? Oh yeah… because YOU CAN’T WALK.”
  • She enjoys watching people singing. She will dance along (well, bounce along, anyway), and sometimes even sing tunelessly. She has watched Mamma Mia a few times, and the “concert” from A Mighty Wind a number of times as well.
  • She loves her room. When she gets up from a sleep, we have to turn on her mobile for a few moments, which starts her day off on a happy note, and then we walk around and she waves hello to various toys around the room.
  • Most of her toys are named “Mr.” or “Ms.” as in Mr. Toy or Mr. Bear or Mr. Giraffe, unless they can be better identified by colour, as in “Yellow Cup” or “Pink Cup”. However, she has a purple hippo named Barbara. She plays with it and babbles — ba-bwa, ba-bwa — so we just assumed that was the hippo’s name. (Babwa. Barbara. Or perhaps even Barbra. And it works for her, actually, if you knew her. She has diva-hippo potential.)
  • She would rather watch a podcast of George Stromboulopoulos interviewing someone than most anything. I don’t know what it is. I’d like to think she’s a budding information junkie, like her mom… but really, I just think she’s got a thing for George, myself.

5 thoughts on “Nine Months

  1. Thanks so much for the updates. She has already progressed so much in just a couple of weeks since I saw her. Must have been that fresh Atlantic air. Wish you were closer so we could share every little change and growth. Miss you guys so much already.

  2. Things will go forward at a very fast pace from now on. Once they figure out how to maneuver around you will see great strides from day to day. Also she will become more independent and assert her own personality in doing so. When I complained about BDH to Grandad MacDonald when he was little he said “he would worry if he didn’t have his own personality and show his independence.” Have fun and enjoy every moment, it goes by very quickly. You blink and that special time is gone. Of course there will be more special times but babies grow up very fast.

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