Red Alert

Speaking of a new year, and making changes, and all that…

Stinkerbelle chose today to begin crawling. She can only go backwards, and it’s more of a creep than a crawl. And she gets started by doing a big faceplant from a sitting position.

She spent much of the afternoon moving around the room here. Back and forth in front of the TV. Left turn. Cruise past me in my comfy chair. She only stopped when she got too tired or got stuck after backing into a piece of furniture.

I know I have said it before, but… Our lives will NEVER be the same. On a whole different level.

5 thoughts on “Red Alert

  1. Ok, re-baby proof everything all over again! Nothing is safe below the 24 inch height! πŸ™‚ Enjoy the craziness, in only a couple of days she will figure out the forward gear as well!

  2. Do you think the Nova Scotia air had something to do with it?
    How about all the relatives passing her around? Maybe she is just trying to hide from everyone. Have fun. She will be chasing the cats around the room in no time.

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