Musical Interlude

Well it has been a very busy couple of days here at the House of Peevish. We’re off to fly home to NS tomorrow, so we’ve had to rush to strike in the hustle and the bustle beforehand. (Quick! Name that movie!)

So, to entertain you, and also get you in the spirit, here’s a lovely thing:

4 thoughts on “Musical Interlude

  1. oh no! You beat me to it – I was going to post this same video today! I love, love, love this version with these two men singing together!

    Happy Christmas Cinn, BDH and Stinkerbelle!

  2. Dude. Your post is WAY more holiday-ish than mine was today.

    Safe travels. Hugs to Mad Dawn from me. (A kiss or two would be good as well, if you were so inclined.)

    Also, promise me to send me lovely photos of Stinkerbelle with Mad Dawn. And Stinkerbelle in the midst of her Christmas haul. And just lots of fun pics.

    Cause I may have just designed a Christmas book for Christmas pics as a special prezzie for the girl.

    And maybe, just maybe, I’ll have finally picked a theme for my blog before you get back.

  3. I used to love when this came on the telly every year.

    Merry Christmas! I know you and BDH will cherish every moment of your first Christmas with Stinkerbelle.

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