Rambly Bits

Forgive the rambling. I am in that kind of mood.

We’re supposed to be getting our first big storm of the season starting tonight and carrying on tomorrow. I’ll believe it when I see it.

They predict 15 cm and lots of wind, which — if you live in Commuterville, like most of the cities within a couple of hours of Toronto — can be pretty nasty. I get comments from friends out west who snort and snuff and say “15 centimeters? Put down your purse and come outside” because on the surface of things, it doesn’t sound like a lot. But when you have 15 centimeters and wind combined with thousands and thousands of cars in 4 lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic commuting for an hour or more… it IS nasty. (I’ve done the drive from The ‘Peg to Portage in a snowstorm and compared to driving one of the 400-series into or out of Toronto in a storm, I’ll take the trip to Portage. Fewer crazy drivers in close proximity.) I think on days like that, only Montreal has it worse.

Thankfully, I don’t have to drive in it (if it does come, which I am still doubtful of). And, thanks to some fortuitously-timed vacation and employer benevolence… neither does BDH. So we can stay in, get our Christmas tree up (or not — we have not decided), watch Christmas movies, bake gingerbread, and take Christmas pictures of our Stinkerbelle in all her festive attire.

But that means, we have to get out today and get things done.

I was going to go Xmas shopping at the mall, but the prospect of hauling That Baby, her stroller, a diaper bag and whatever else down to the mall and back today in my little car didn’t appeal to me. We have almost everything we wanted to get for Stinkerbelle, thanks to the wonders of online shopping. And BDH and I haven’t even decided if we are buying gifts for each other yet, what with the gaping chasm of doom where our bank account used to be thanks to the wonders of international adoption. I mean, we HAVE our present, currently snoozing upstairs in her crib, not to mention our trip home to visit BDH’s family for the holidays. So we might just go out after Christmas and use our air miles to buy ourselves some fun stuff.

So that leaves buying a few things at the grocery store for the weekend, so we don’t have to face the throngs of people on Saturday or Sunday. However, That Baby continues to nap, and doG knows I am not getting her up until she’s ready. She’s been Shouty Crabberson for the last couple of days — asserting her independence at mealtimes and naptimes, which is all part of the game, but still a pain in the patootie — so a good snooze might cut down on the crabby. So who knows when we’ll get to the store, and guaranteed, it will be a madhouse when we do.

BDH has to get his vehicle in to replace a cracked windshield and to have the snow tires put on for the season. That’ll be fun for him. (Not.) But it charms me no end how he’s got this newfound concern for the precious cargo he’s carrying these days, and it’s such a Daddy thing to do.

We also have our annual “let’s spoil ourselves a little bit” hair appointment on Saturday morning. It used to be a big spa day, our gift to ourselves, but our hairdresser has gone into business for herself, so we’ve cut out the spa-y bits and are just doing the hair cut (and, for me, colour) bits. Plus, we just don’t have the money any more, so haircuts will do just fine.

But this means, we’ll be out driving in the post-storm mess. If it actually does happen, and doesn’t blow right by like it normally does. We live in the twilight zone of weather — it goes north, or south, but rarely hits us.

So, with a few days left until Christmas and a storm coming in, we have a few things to do.

This is, however, going to have to go down in history as The Christmas of Not Getting Things Done. And people are just going to have to understand. Normally I would be finishing up a frenzy of baking by now, making 50 dozen cookies and a few fruitcakes and making up elaborate gift packages of home baking and treats for friends and family. All my Christmas presents would be bought, and many of them wrapped. Our tree would be up and decorated. And I had hoped to have all my Christmas cards out weeks ago.

Not this year. I have one goal, one job — and that is to make sure we have a healthy, happy, growing and developing daughter. All the rest of it is going to fall by the wayside.

So, people aren’t going to have plates of goodies from us. Some will get cards. But we wish them all a happy holiday in our hearts, and that’s about all they will have to content themselves with.

However, we will have a few cookies for ourselves this year. We’ll have a few presents under the tree for a little girl who will probably snooze through most of Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner. Our Christmas present will be wrapped in a festive Christmas sleeper. And we will be surrounded by family.

So… a good Christmas, then.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect Christmas!
    Just so you know, I’m loving reading your posts on motherhood…especially how you keep your sense of humour about things 🙂

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