Med Schooled

Well, with any luck, we may be coming to the end of the little bug that has been plaguing Stinkerbelle for the last couple of days. And I must say, I have learned a lot from my daughter’s first episode of illness.

  • The wisdom of friends and fellow parents can come in so handy when your child is sick. I got all sorts of gems of great advice. Grammy told us that a baby’s fever is always worst between 4 and 5 pm… and that is certainly true of Stinkerbelle, so I could prepare for Teh Crabby with a nice cool bottle and make sure I gave her some Tylenol well beforehand. Kelly told me that one natural way to bring down a baby’s fever is to have them lie on your chest, skin to skin — which is also a great way to get them to nap and give them cuddles, while letting you relax too.
  • TeleHealth ROCKS. I will file away their advice under “things to do” as well. Especially that half-strength formula in little increments trick.
  • Worst time to move up to the next size of diapers? Just before a child is sick, and you’ve got them dressed in only a diaper to help keep them cool. The leakage, it is PROFOUND.
  • I know that the in-the-ear thermometers have a margin for error, but DUDE. Better than the alternative, at least logistically.
  • I think I am going through some sort of PFSD (that’s post-FEVER stress disorder as opposed to the post-traumatic kind — although my daughter may suffer from that, and you will soon see why…) Now that she seems to be over the worst bits, I am OBSESSED with checking for fever. “Oooh honey, you are a little warm…” I check it. I double check it. I check it again 10 seconds later in case it was wrong. I check it 20 seconds later in case it is coming down. It’s gotten to the point where my child doesn’t even notice me taking her temperature anymore. Or she sees me coming with the thing in hand and gives me that look that says, “You’re NOT. Not AGAIN. Really? Really REALLY?” I have to think it’s not a good sign when an 8-month-old doubts your parenting skills.
  • If you have a child, and you know someone who has a child, chances are they are all going to be sick at the same time. But I never thought I’d be on the phone with TeleHealth at the same time as a friend who was also talking to them and dealing with the same problem with her child that I was. (Heather!! Quit hogging all the TeleHealth nurses, man!! ;)  Hope Little Man is feeling better.)
  • When you have waited years and years for a child… having one that is clingy and cuddly when she is sick is NOT a bad thing.
  • It is comforting to be surrounded by one’s best pals when one is sick. However, sometimes that means carting them all over the house, and that can lead to someone not making it back into bed when bedtime rolls around. But when one’s best pal Teddy is located, the joy of reunion is sweet indeed.

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  1. Yes, Little Man is feeling better too.
    Next time I’ll try not to hog the fab nurses at TeleHealth!

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