Our daughter pulled her first all-nighter last night. And everyone is the worse for wear for it this morning.

She’s been such a good sleeper from the beginning, and recently she started sleeping through most nights. But every now and again, her schedule just wigs out, and we find her waking at odd hours and struggling to get her to sleep.

Last night she went to sleep with a bit of a battle, but that’s nothing unusual. She has a habit of fighting sleep sometimes, especially if she doesn’t doze off while she’s having her bottle at bedtime. So she fought me a little bit, but once she was out, she was out for the count.

Or so we thought.

Around here, my shift is from 7 am until 11 pm. Anything after 11 is BDH’s to deal with — but he’s up lots throughout the night, so giving her a bottle or changing her diaper is no big deal for him to do, since he’s often up anyway. And although on fussy nights, it’s hard for BDH because he has to work all day the next day, for the most part the arrangement works for us.

So last night, Stinkerbelle started fussing just after midnight, and because BDH has to work, I volunteered to take her and change her and give her a bottle. She’s usually pretty good for me, but last night, we let her fuss in her crib for too long, so by the time we got to her she was WIDE AWAKE. But I thought I should take care of it so BDH would be rested for work.

I gave her her bottle. I rocked her. She fell asleep. I took her to her bed and laid her down, whereupon her eyes would snap open and the air raid siren cry would start. We did this several times. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I tried everything. I rocked her. I swaddled her. I danced her around. NOTHING was working.

Finally, at around 2:30 am and completely exhausted, I took her upstairs in the dark, turned on my computer, and played her music for her. I rocked her a good long time. And I cried from sheer exhaustion. She finally fell asleep soundly enough that I could put her in bed by just about 3 am.

And I crashed into bed, spent.

At 3:30, she began the whole process again with BDH. I slept. And in case she was teething or gassy and pain was keeping her up, he gave her a little Tylenol. He finally got her to bed at around 5.

And then she was up again, ready for her day, at 5:30.

I was beat. I took her upstairs in the dark, put her on a blanket on the floor in front of a video, and crashed on the sofa.

How a little girl can go all day on next to no sleep, I will never understand. But she kept going, full bore, until around 10:30 when she finally consented to a mere 1/2 hour nap.

Needless to say, it is not a happy place to be today here in the House of Peevish. There’s lots of eye rubbing and upset and dark circles under eyes. The crabby is so thick you can cut it with a knife. And every time, I look at my daughter and say, “Well, you stayed up all night. What did you THINK was going to happen?”

She never really answers me. She mostly puts me on ignore, or bellows her peevishness at me. So. Looks like rational discussion is out, then.

Oh well. I knew it was going to happen, sometime. All kids do it. And hey, you could choose to look at it like maybe it’s good training for when she is at university.

But next time, if she could wait to do it until we are stinking rich and fully staffed up with a nanny whose job it is to get up with her at all hours… that’d be great.

3 thoughts on “All-Nighter

  1. Sounds like a long night for you both. I am guessing it is the teething thing that has her so upset. Try something to sooth the gums next time. It might give you a few hours rest. It is hard to guess what the problem is but my best guess is teething. She is at the age for them to erupt and it causes them great pain.

  2. Dude. I SO know your pain. I know your angst. I know the terrible fog in which you’re stumbling around trying to keep everyone around you alive while not falling on your face.

    And the Dictator was sent home from school yesterday with the stomach buggies. Mass vomiting ensued. For HOURS. Upon HOURS. Which meant no sleep, constant laundry, constant cleaning and me at the end of the proverbial rope.

    I went to work today and left her with her father.

    My kingdom for a nap.

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