How Do They KNOW?

Are babies PSYCHIC or something? How do they KNOW?

How do they know:

  • …that you have just gotten yourself nice and warm and settled into bed before they begin to cry and wake for a bottle?
  • …that you have just gotten them dressed for the day in something nice, because you are going out, before they barf all over themselves?
  • …that they can take a bib off just five seconds before they spit up in spectacular fashion?
  • …that you have woken up especially early to get a shower before they decide to sleep an hour later than usual?
  • …that you have just gotten into the thick of preparing dinner when they feel the need to cry inconsolably?
  • …that this is your last clean t-shirt before they barf all over you?
  • …that you are nice and clean and showered (for a change) before they spit food all over you?
  • …that you have just started filling the washer to do a much-needed load of laundry before they begin to cry?
  • …that you have just put a clean diaper on them, because you have plans to go grocery shopping, before they have a monumental poop?
  • …that you have just settled into your comfy chair with your laptop before they wake up from a nap?

Those babies have some sort of mind-reading capabilities, I tell you. Otherwise, how would they know:

  • …that they should do something really CUTE, just when you are getting frustrated?
  • …that they have the most adorable cuddle in the world, when you are having a really rough day?
  • …that they should just give you a big grin, and suddenly the rest of the world goes away for a few minutes?
  • …that looking down at them napping on your chest will make you realize they are the best thing to ever happen to you?

It’s crazy how they know all this stuff.

2 thoughts on “How Do They KNOW?

  1. Oh my, it brings back many memories of times when my babies were small. My heart is full of many warm memories of my little ones. By the way you cannot get ahead of them even if you have the best planning put into place. Like Santa they know when you are sleeping and when you are awake.

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