Big Snow, Little Snow

You know that saying about big snow and little snow? “Big snow, little snow. Little snow, big snow.” Basically it means that if it’s snowing big fluffy flakes, you’ll only get a little accumulation, whereas if you get little bitty flakes, it’s going to pile up and stay.

Well, we’ve been getting a little bit of little snow for a few days now.

I hate little snow.

It’s true. I love the big, fluffy flakes. Some of my best memories are of big fluffy snow falling. You often get packing snow with big snow, and so you can go out and do fun stuff like make snowmen and such. Some of the prettiest scenes of winter for me are on days when you’ve got the big snow. It’s just a picture postcard type of snow.

Little snow, on the other hand, makes me nutty. A light dusting makes roads slick and driving treacherous. Little flakes in my headlights at night can be just short of hypnotizing. And it reminds me of a day full of drizzle — overcast and depressing.

And let’s not even go into accumulation. Because I hate Teh Snow, accumulation just means MORE of the hated stuff. And shoveling. Yuck.

Little snow and accumulation also means that Stinkerbelle and I tend to be stuck indoors more. I don’t like to drive in the snow on the best of days, and with a precious cargo, I am even less likely to venture out. And walking is not really possible if it’s really cold and the sidewalks are impassable. So I tend to be partial to the big snow, myself. Pretty, and doesn’t stay.

Yesterday was a mix of big snow and little snow. When Stinkerbelle and I set out to go to the grocery store, big wet fluffy flakes were falling. My hair got wet, the snow ws packing snow, the air was still… it was nice. When we got done in the grocery store, however, little snow was falling. It was colder and windy, and the roads were messy and slick.

And it’s snowing little snow right now. And like I said, it has been for the past few days.

I have a feeling it’s going to be another one of those winters.