Sims2 Mommy Strikes Again

(If you’re not a Sims2 player or familiar with the game, I apologize if this post is a little cryptic.)

So, in the past I have remarked that, as a parent, I am finding myself faced with some striking similarities to a parent in Sims2. For example, but not limited to, having put my child down on the floor of the bathroom so I could get a shower. (Granted, she was on a play mat with a couple of toys, but STILL. How far a leap from that is it to putting a child down in the yard and going in and turning on the Yummy Channel on TV, I ask you? Or wandering off to dance the Smustle with bottles and diapers littering the floor?)

So, yes. I alarm myself sometimes when I think of the fine line between some of my Sims and real life.

Well, yesterday, I inched a little bit closer to that line.

I fed my daughter a bottle yesterday — holding her, mind you, not just setting her down on the floor to feed herself — and when she was done, I sat her beside me on the sofa with one of her toys to play a little bit. After a few minutes, I began to notice a scent. More like an aroma, actually, emanating from the other end of the couch. Had this really been Sims, there would have been a greenish cloud forming around my child.

Now, with babies, waftiness happens in a number of forms. It might not be a poop. Could be she was just farting up a storm, and a diaper change would not be required. And THAT would save me trotting with her up and down stairs, not to mention buy me a few more minutes of rest on the couch.

So, like any parent would… I decided to do a sniff-test diaper check.

(WHAT??? You KNOW everybody does it.)

Now, in Sims2, you can choose to have various interactions with your child, and you get relationship points between your Sim and your Sim baby from these interactions. (This is good. You want this.) You can cuddle them, and talk to them, and play with them. If you select “Play With” and your Sim is holding a baby, they can tickle them, and make them giggle, or hold them up in the air and make that “choochie-choochie” baby talk noise. If these are your Sims, you want your Sim parent to just tickle the baby, and not do the “choochie-choochie” flying-baby thing. Because sometimes, with that, you gamble and lose, and the baby barfs on your Sim’s head, and her hygeine meter goes into red and she will need a shower, PRONTO. So tickling… definitely the better option.

Should have remembered that yesterday when I did the bum check.

I hoisted my daughter up in the air to sniff the ol’ diaper and… she barfed all over me.

My hygiene meter went into red.

And I didn’t even get any relationship points out if it.

(And to add insult to injury, she had a MASSIVE poop. One of those up-the-back, all-over-the-inside-of-the-sleeper numbers. So I ended up not only with barf all over me, but poop all over my hands.)

4 thoughts on “Sims2 Mommy Strikes Again

  1. Poor Sim-mommy!!! That’s terrible!

    You’ve reminded me that I’d better get a few more Simming hours in, so I’m all ready when Hana comes home. Since it’s so true to life and all. Thank you!

    Too bad Real-babies omit the green stench cloud.

  2. I saw the title of this post and quickly checked to see who was your first commentor – OF COURSE it was Dianne 🙂

    Sniffing the diaper? No biggie. Getting barfed and pooped on? AW LAWDY that’s gross!!

  3. Oh I SO wanted to get a screenshot of just that moment in Sims, just so people would see what it’s about…

    You’d think I would learn what NOT to do from playing the game so much. But no.

    Fortunately, she missed my head, but my t-shirt and pants will never be the same. Oh, the humanity! (or Sim-manity is probably more appropriate…)

  4. hysterically laughing here in NB…that is ridiculously funny!!! Having been puked on myself I feel your pain. I hope that after you fixed your hygeine meter that you were able to fill up your hunger meter!

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