Two Months

Two months have passed since we brought our daughter into our family. It’s hard to imagine life without her, now that she is here. Our life revolves completely around her. And that’s good.

She just passed the 7-month mark on this planet, and she’s less and less like the frail, helpless little infant we met two months ago in Addis. She’s becoming a little person with personality and likes and dislikes, and making her mark on us.

She can sit by herself — as long as Mum is behind her to crash into, as she inevitably does, when she throws her head back and arches her back, as if to see what will happen.

She has declared herself a vegetarian — so long as we keep trying to feed her baby food meat.

She MUST find out how all her seatbelt restraints work, as though they hold the secret of the universe within.

She has figured out how her legs work, and is learning to bounce in her Jolly Jumper chair thing.

She LOVESLOVESLOVES to talk on the phone.

She hates socks, but the bunny slippers are a favourite.

She has a fondness for all foods orange — sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, peaches. She ADORES sweet potatoes and peaches.

She loves to splash and kick in the bath. If she’s crabby, we give her a bath and she perks right up.

She thinks Mum’s ponytail is HILARIOUS.

She goes to sleep without a fight at 10 am and 2 pm. Other times, she makes us earn it.

She can roll over from back to front and from front to back, but does not see the point, really. So she just DOESN’T.

She loves to take a sip out of a Big Girl Cup. Water is just fine, because it is the EVENT that counts.

She enjoys Doctor Who. The Ninth Doctor, obviously.

She thinks it’s great fun to sit on the sofa like a big girl and “have a talk” with Mom and even sometimes Daddy, when he’s home.

She is starting to sleep through the night.

She has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

She rules her Mommy’s life with a chubby iron fist.

She’s the best thing ever to happen to us.

7 thoughts on “Two Months

  1. Wow… 2 months, congratulations! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone (for everything except the movement of my own little ticker although obviously that’s only psychological!). After such a long during of wondering if this will ever be real at 2 months in (and being fully aware that babies explode!) you must feel like it is definitely for real 🙂

  2. It’s true. It never seemed like she would ever be real, during that interminable wait, and now, she is such a part of our lives — I never could have imagined it. I’ll never forget how hard it was to wait. But — in spite of the Exploding Baby dangers (and there are many!) — she was totally worth it. It took us a while to get used to each other, to get used to being a family, to get to know each other, but now it’s as though she was always meant to be here.

    She’s a perfect fit.

  3. She is, it should be noted, quite fun to talk with on the phone as well. She is so EXCITED by the information she gets from the telephone. Honestly, no one is EVER as happy to talk to me as your daughter. And that is positively ENCHANTING.

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