Return of the Stroller Sausage

It’s gotten cold again. Our lovely warm weather is gone, replaced by 3 degree days, and rain or snow flurries.

Bundled Baby 2

Bundled Baby 1

BAH. So much for basking in the sunshine. Time to bundle Her Babyness up in fleece and quilted warmth like a little sausage with eyes. Walks are going to get chilly in a hurry.

10 thoughts on “Return of the Stroller Sausage

  1. She looks as though she’s thinking “um seriously, let’s get on with the walking!”. I hope you’ve prepared her for a Canadian winter!

  2. She quite enjoys it, actually. Her stroller “sleeping bag” is fleece inside, ultra-suede outside, so it’s toasty warm. She gets bundled in, and if it’s very cold I tuck her in on both sides so her arms are swaddled in by her sides. And then she’ll happily snooze for almost our entire walk. Although I think she prefers warmer days, because she likes to have her hands out to play with toys. Guess I have to get some mitts for the little mite.

  3. It’s like she’s peeking back at all the random strangers who are peeking at her.

    She’s ALL KNOWING like that, you know? She’s protecting her privacy.

  4. That is so great that you venture out in the cold for your daily walks. I usually curl up on the couch with blankets up to my eye just like Her Babyness.

  5. I love the way you hide her face and look forward to seeing how you’re going to do it in each new photo… its like Wilson from Home Improvement (keeps us all curious!). A

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