19. It’s been 19 GLORIOUS degrees here in the wilds of suburban southern Ontario. It’s been clear and sunny and warm.

So if you wonder where I have been… I’ve been OUTSIDE.

If it were summer, we’d be complaining about how cool it is, probably wearing pants instead of shorts, or long sleeves instead of short sleeves. But in November, where this part of the country is almost always cold and rainy and miserable, 19 degrees is nigh unto paradise.

Her Babyness and I have taken long walks in the sunshine, or sat out on the porch, or just generally enjoyed the gorgeous weather for the last couple of days. It’s one of those freaky weeks we sometimes get of unseasonable warmth in the midst of a whole bunch of cold — like the Christmas Day a few years ago when we went for a walk in t-shirts — and when these weeks come, you have to enjoy them. Yesterday, we walked in the morning for an hour and a bit, down to the grocery store and around the neighbourhood… and we enjoyed that so much, we went for another walk for an hour and a half in the afternoon. Baby’s getting to see the big wide world, while Mom’s getting a workout putting more than a few kilometres on the stroller.

Today we drove into the big town where she had lunch with BDH while I went to the dentist. It was “bring your child to work day” at his office — so we stretched the rules a little bit, so what? — and Stinkerbelle joined the IT team for an hour. Then we drove to visit Auntie Heather and the Little Man for a little while, which was Stinkerbelle’s first visit with someone her own size and/or weight class. The Little Man had his boogie on today, which Stinkerbelle found FASCINATING, although she was unfortunately generally pretty crabby, given this was her first real “visiting” outing since we’ve been home and her routine was all over the place.

BUT… we enjoyed riding around in the car, windows open, she with bare feet so the breeze caught her toes, and it was nice to turn up the radio and sing along. Or, rather, I sang along, while she snoozed in her bucket in the sunshine.

And tomorrow, if the weather holds, Auntie Heather loaned us a bouncy chair which would be perfect for sitting out in the backyard and letting Stinkerbelle see if she can figure out what those chubby little legs are for, while Mom enjoys a rest and a drink on the new patio.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, come on by. I’m sure there are beverages and chairs, bouncy or no, enough for all.

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  1. Oh I so wish we lived closer than when all the SK babies come home we could sit out and have a bevvy while our babies chilled in the sun…

  2. Well I’ll be there…if not in body at least in spirit so make sure you and Stinkerbelle have a little “cheers” to me!

  3. Obviously there are so many things that I want about being a mom, but when I daydream (as I often do), its always about being out for a walk on a beautiful day, pushing my babies in a stroller and just being in that moment. I love hearing about all the walks you are taking and the moments you are enjoying! A

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