BDH Returns to Work

BDH went back to work yesterday. So it’s been just me and Stinkerbelle and the cats all day. We’re coping just fine, as you can tell by this instant messenger conversation today:

Cinnamon Opus  says: Hi
Big Damn Hero says: Heya
Cinnamon Opus  says: Everybody is yelling at me
Big Damn Hero says: Oh no
Big Damn Hero says: You ok?
Cinnamon Opus  says: Everybody is bossing me around
Cinnamon Opus  says: If I look at anybody, they boss me around
Big Damn Hero says: Maybe you shouldn’t look at anyone…?
Cinnamon Opus  says: I’m gonna go hide in a closet or something
Cinnamon Opus  says: Only the cats would follow me.
Big Damn Hero says:
Are you ok?
Big Damn Hero says: Are you upset?
Cinnamon Opus  says: Not upset. Just pretending I am invisible.
Cinnamon Opus  says: Maybe if they don’t see me they will stop bossing me around.
Big Damn Hero says: Maybe you should just tell them all to shut p
Big Damn Hero says: Also up
Big Damn Hero says: SHUT p!
Cinnamon Opus  says: I did.
Big Damn Hero says: Like that
Cinnamon Opus  says: I yelled.
Big Damn Hero says: SHUT P!
Cinnamon Opus  says: Bubby ignored me.
Big Damn Hero says: Bubby can’t hear you
Cinnamon Opus  says: The baby laughed and blew a raspberry.
Big Damn Hero says: She doesn’t understand English
Cinnamon Opus  says: Nobody takes me seriously here.
Cinnamon Opus  says: The baby has taken up yodeling.
Cinnamon Opus  says: And how did I get stuck in a house full of people who don’t understand English?
Cinnamon Opus  says: I feel like I am a tour guide.
Cinnamon Opus  says: Is there NO ONE who speaks English here?
Big Damn Hero says: Que?
Big Damn Hero says: <– funny
Big Damn Hero says: me
Cinnamon Opus  says: YOU = HILARIOUS!
Big Damn Hero says: See what I did there
Cinnamon Opus  says: You brought Teh Funny.
Big Damn Hero says: Oh yeah
Cinnamon Opus  says: That baby just looks at me and tells me to do stuff.
Cinnamon Opus  says: And then she blows raspberries as if to say “Feh, that broad is DUMB.”
Big Damn Hero says: Nono
Cinnamon Opus  says: Of course, she gets crosseyed and hypnotized over the stripes on her sleeve, so, you know, we can’t take anything SHE says as fact.
Big Damn Hero says: Well she is a little nutty
Cinnamon Opus  says: And right now she is having a conversation with her forearm.
Cinnamon Opus  says: So, I mean, I’m a tour guide and all the tourists are from Mars.
Big Damn Hero says: Well Queen of the nut farm
Big Damn Hero says: I have to run
Cinnamon Opus  says: Oh damn.
Cinnamon Opus  says: OK
Big Damn Hero says: Sorry
Cinnamon Opus  says: Is fine. Surrender me to the nutters.
Cinnamon Opus  says: I can take it.
Big Damn Hero says: I am going so I can come home and save you from the nutters
Big Damn Hero says: Besides
Big Damn Hero says: You are part of the club *duck*
Cinnamon Opus  says: Shuddap.

So, you know… business as usual here.

7 thoughts on “BDH Returns to Work

  1. Dude. Total incentive for me to sign in to teh messenger tomorrow.

    Because WE? Can do funny chats like nobody’s business.

  2. Oh man, I totally would have said “Que?” too. And I would be thinking of Manuel from Fawlty Towers as I did it.

  3. Danish. All babies speak Danish.

    A friend of mine from long-ago swore this to be true. I had always thought it was a trick to get me to learn another language.

    But another baby I know does say “Heyj” for “Hi”. And then there was the 9 month old at the pool, very clearly asking politely for Mommy to move over, also in Danish. Sadly, the Mommy in question did not forstÃ¥r.

    I hear it can be learned in 2 months, if you really apply yourself.

    I have no idea what the cats speak.

  4. Hold on!!! Grammy speaks only English.When I left, the baby the cats and Grammy and Granddad got on just fine. I don’t have time to learn a new language before Christmas so leave it as it is….
    But on thinking a little bit about this I realize that the language we spoke was LOVE which is universal and understood by all and at any time. I’m on my way to warmer climates and I am putting my mind in neutral for a while. I don’t have time to learn a new language.Besides LOVE language is the way to go….Stinkerbelle and her royal court understood us completely!!!!At least there were no complaints from this end of Canada and if my memory serves me right there were none from that end either. xxoo

  5. Well, Grammy is clearly enchanted by the magical Stinkerbelle. I find that lovely.

    Reminds me though – the new Tinkerbelle movie comes out next week. Here we are counting the days down. Dictator is taking her Tinkerbelle doll with her everywhere. We even have to buckle Tink in her own seatbelt in the car.

    I know now that I will not be able to watch the movie without hearing “Stinkerbelle” in my head.

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