16 thoughts on “Alright, Alright…

  1. How did I know that would be the picture you would send. I saw the same thing when we were there. That was nothing new to me. You are a big tease.

  2. SAUCY???? I am going through Grammy withdrawal and you say saucy? I’m lonely without my little girl to cuddle. I was expecting a baby picture without the fur coat.

  3. HA! I read June’s comment and then Brenda’s comment and it took me a minute to realize that Brenda was disappointed by the photo – not the baby in the litterbox.

    I am amused.

  4. OOH, I like that way better. Because I know that Brenda would in no way be SURPRISED, certainly, to find there was a baby in the litterbox.

    She knows me too well.

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