Wednesday Wishes

There are some things I am wishing for this morning, and some of them are even reasonable:

  • A reliable schedule
  • A shower
  • Not to be accessorizing with orange-coloured barf every day
  • That a magical laundry fairy will come along and fold and put away all my laundry
  • That it will be quick work to clean the house today for our appointment
  • An easy, quick visit with the social worker this afternoon
  • That The Bubby (who celebrates her 19th birthday today!!) will have a healthy year (which means not only a happy cat, but less stress and doctor bills for her people)
  • A nice birthday for BDH on Saturday
  • More parental leave for BDH
  • Some good movie rentals released soon at our local video store (as there’s only been a lot of crap recently)
  • That our investments will rebound soon
  • That the reign over our country by an idiot with no reflection and eyes the colour of saran wrap will only be a short one
  • A short-lived recession
  • More money than we have now

Okay, so I went off the rails a little bit there at the end. Meh. It happens.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday Wishes

  1. no worries soon you can accessorize with green coloured barf and then blue, and yellow is always a fashion statement too! πŸ˜‰

    Happy birthday to both Bubby and BDH!!

  2. The Princess-in-Pink made my whiskers quiver with delight! And who knows: she MAY be part Italian. You’ll know for sure the first time she has to choose between a cannolo and a canna.

    Purrs to Bubby on her big day, and a mighty “Huzzah!” to BDH, too.

    And we think orange is definitely your colour.

  3. When the magical laundry fairy is done at your house, can you send her to my house?

    I hear you on the investments, our took a huge hit but I am sure that they will rebound to higher amounts.

    I hope your visit went well the social worker, is it time for the follow up reports already? It feels like you just got home.

  4. Rhonda — I am glad you’ll get some use out of them… SOON! Congratulations!

    There’s at least one more for me to post… better get cracking on that!

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