Thirty Days

It has been 30 days since we brought our daughter into our lives. A lot can happen in 30 days.

She has gained at least a pound (likely a lot more; the doctor’s appointment was almost two weeks ago.)

She can pass things from hand to hand.

She is learning to roll over.

She’s growing out of her 0-6 month clothes (well, the smaller ones, anyway).

She had her first cereal.

She can bang two cups together.

She touched her first grass. With fingers and toes.

She had her first vegetables (carrots) yesterday.

She’s trying out her voice.

She won her Granddad over with a flirty smile.

She could cuddle endlessly with her Grammy.

She loves splashing in the bath and getting her Daddy all wet.

She loves Van Morrison (which Mommy sings her to sleep with) and Mommy’s ponytails.

She became our daughter, not just in papers and photographs, but in body, spirit and heart.

If all this can happen in one short month, our life together stretches out before us like an incredible adventure.

7 thoughts on “Thirty Days

  1. One of my grandchildren asked me a question when a new grandchild was expected…… Would we still love him the same when the new baby arrived? My answer was that the more love you give the bigger the heart gets so there is always room for one more to love. May I say that my heart grew over the last 10 days. With 5 grandchildren now I feel that I may need a new body to hold this ever growing, over flowing heart. I welcome our newest granddaughter into my heart with the other grandchildren and may I say there is still more room there if it is needed. Just a correction on the blog…. Grammy could cuddle endlessly with Stinkerbelle but she seemed to enjoy it as well.

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