EthioExpedition List: Baby Clothes

Okay, here’s one of our shorter lists. Hey, she’s a baby — how many clothes can one baby wear?

Surprisingly, quite a lot…

  • Sleepers (12): Packed and used. We were concerned about the air conditioning in our room being too cool for our daughter at night, and the problem was that no matter how you adjusted the A/C, it never actually CHANGED. But there was no need to worry, because our daughter is a warm kid. She would kick off all her blankets by the time we got her up out of bed. So the sleepers came in handy because we knew that even if she kicked off her blankets she’s still have warm toes. We took a mix of 0-6 month and 6-12 month sizes, and the 6-12 month size were WAY too big.
  • Shirts (1): Packed and used. We only brought 1 t-shirt. It’s just too much of a pain to put a shirt on a squirmy baby. But this was a very SPECIAL shirt, one that I designed that said “PEEVISH. PEEVISH. PEEVISH.” on the front. It came from Auntie Sherri’s box of hand-me-downs, and it ROCKS.
  • Undershirts (6): Packed and invaluable. Like I said earlier, our kid is a warm kid. And when we went out on outings or whatever, we took great pains to dress her accordingly with the Ethiopians’ expectations of how a child should be dressed for their “winter” — so she always had on a coat, some shoes, and a hat as well as her regular clothes. So a lot of the time, our poor baby was melting from the heat of all that gear. (She never complained — she’s a trooper.) But as soon as we closed that hotel room door, we’d strip her down to a diaper and an undershirt and she was HAPPYHAPPYHAPPY.
  • Onesies/Diaper shirts (12): Packed and invaluable. Onesies were another great way to keep the girl cool, along with her undershirts. We brought a mix of long and short sleeves, and all 0-6 month sizes — and they fit perfectly. And we had a lot of onesie/pants combinations to dress her in, which was nice.
  • Pants (9): Packed and used. We had lots of yoga pants-type and tights-type of pants for our girl, which are the easiest to get on and off a squirmy kid. I took mostly 0-6 size, which were plenty big, and a couple 6-12s, which stayed in the suitcase.
  • Outfits (4): Packed and used. I wanted to bring along a couple of outfits to dress her up specially, mostly for photos: in particular, one outfit to bring her home from the Transition Home in — just like a birth parent would do with a baby they were bringing home from the hospital. Call me sentimental. Another one I had was for coming home to Canada — that one actually had a “Canada” onesie. And most of the outfits were given to us by certain people: one was from Auntie Sandy and Uncle Jeff, another from Auntie Heather, and so on. So we had packed them with photo ops in mind.
  • Hats (2): Packed and invaluable. I mentioned previously that we tried to adhere to the expectations of our hosts in dressing our child during their winter season, so we brought along a pair of hats for the trip. But one was so cute, we used it exclusively… and still do. And everybody was falling all over themselves remarking how cute she was in that hat. Also it was one of the easier ways to help people identify if our baby was a boy or a girl, since “pink” and “blue” are not strong baby identifiers to Ethiopians, but apparently a big floral hat is.
  • Shoes (3 pair): Packed and invaluable. Also for the purposes of being culturally sensitive, I ran out before we left and got two pairs of shoes for about $6. But the shoes we put on the girl the entire time were a pair of Robeez from Auntie Sherri that arrived the day before we left for our trip, and had strawberries on them.
  • Socks (12 pair): Packed and used. Pretty self-explanatory, really. And of course, our daughter blows a sock as soon as is humanly possible, because she likes to have bare feet.
  • Bathing suit (1): Packed and didn’t use. Although the Hilton has some very nice pools, we just didn’t get around to swimming. Too bad, too, because that swimsuit is ADORABLE.
  • Sweaters (1): Packed and didn’t use. I had heard that the rainy season could be quite cool, but I found that the sweater was overkill combined with everything else I had for our girl to wear.
  • Coats (2): Packed and invaluable. I brought a little fleece jacket and a denim jacket for the girl to wear out in the cool weather, and the fleece was perfect for the weather. It was also 0-6 month size, which fit well, while the jean jacket was 6-12 and so it was a fair bit big. The fleece coat is also still what we dress her in whenever we go out.

I think that pretty much covers the clothing for the time we had our daughter, which was about a week. We had planned for about 3 clothing changes a day based on what other parents had said they required (with exploding diapers and all) and then packed a little more than we needed because we had no plans to send out laundry. It worked out well — the only things we did not use were the clothes that were too big.

So there you have it! Next up? Gear for us.

7 thoughts on “EthioExpedition List: Baby Clothes

  1. Yay! Keep the lists coming! 😀

    ps… from your last post – tell Stinkerbelle not to feel too bad or anything. I find big hats scary too.

  2. Okay, you also have to remember that Grammy is all of five feet and 100 lbs, so the hat probably darn near ate her! That would certainly scare Miss Sinkerbell especially after finding someone new to charm into whatever she wants.

    I am glad you used some of the hand me down stuff. I am thrilled that you have had some use of the Robeez. They were my favorite. More boxes to come.

  3. Thanks for the reminder to over-pack for making public appearances – I’ve heard a few people were chastised for ‘under dressing’ their kids 🙂

  4. Yup…keep the lists coming! I am storing them all away in my “packing for E” file!

    Give stinkerbelle a hug and kiss for me!


    P.S. would love to see a photo if you are sharing.

  5. Yes, more lists please. I especially love that you are letting us know if you actually needed the items that you packed. That is very helpful. Some day I hope to need this information, lol.

    More photos please!!!

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