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Today, for the first time since we got home, we all felt good — good enough to get out and about and see some of the people we have been promising to see. So we got up, got cleaned and polished, got the girl dressed (resplendent in yellow corduroy overalls which — let’s be honest here — look like MC Hammer pants, and her faux-Converse running shoes) and all her gear packed, and got out the door at a reasonable hour.

First off, we went to BDH’s office. We tried to sneak in quietly, but many people in the office have been following my blog (Hi Guys!! 🙂 *waves*) and so once the first SQUEEEEE came out when the baby came into view, we were surrounded. It was great, though — so many good wishes, so many people that have been following our journey for so long, and all there to see the girl of the hour. And she LOVED it. Stinkerbelle got fussed over and kissed all over and cooed at, and she was in her elephant. She LOVES her peeps, so she was full of smiles for everyone. And she farted on Uncle Colin, so you know… par for the course.

Then it was off to lunch. Now, this was more than a lunch stop — BDH goes to a local Keg fairly frequently for lunch, and has gotten to know the staff quite well. And they have also been following our journey, so we stopped in so they could meet Herself. Again, more of the girl and her peeps. A girl MUST remember her public, after all. And we got some lunch, as well — and Stinkerbelle got her bottle, which was our big priority. (Keep on schedule!)

Next up was a hair appointment for BDH, but more importantly, to meet Auntie Vicki. Vicki has been waiting for EVAH to meet our girl, and half the time we were there today she just stood with the girl in her arms and said, “I can’t believe I am ACTUALLY holding YOUR BABY.”

After that, we headed to our agency, because we had some more paperwork (I KNOW! IT NEVER ENDS!) to pass in. Once there, all the staff came out to pass the baby around, coo over her and kiss on her, and generally fuss over her. It was great — they are the people that brought our family together, so it was nice for them to meet the fruits of their labour, as it were. And I am sure they don’t get a ton of families coming in, since they deal with people all across the country. We had a great chat, told them about our trip, and praised Solomon (I was so glad to hear they had gotten word about how badly some of the families were treating Solomon while we were there!!) and the staff we met while in Addis. What was really cool was to have the Director come over and pick up Stinkerbelle and say, “I remember when you were in your crib in Ethiopia!” It kind of brings things full circle.

And then it was on to our final stop of the day… the Cat Clinic. Here’s another group of great people who have been with us (vicariously) through this whole journey, enough so that they bought us a card and a stuffed animal (a kitty! of course) for the girl, and have been waiting for us to bring her in to visit. So today, we stopped in and, despite being out for hours and missing what little naps she normally has, Stinkerbelle was on fine form. I was also so glad they got to meet her, especially the Good Doctor, because she has signed paperwork for us and kept up on our quest for a family for all this time.

And with that, tired girl in tow, we came home. We put the very tired girl in her swing, where I thought she would nap… but instead, she had a GIANT POOP right up to her armpits.

I have no idea what that means. I can’t even begin to say.

But other than cleaning poop out of a squirming, stinky baby’s belly button… it was a really nice day.

8 thoughts on “Out and About

  1. Welcome to parenthood. The little diva comes first no matter what you have in mind. It sounds like she carried through her part really well. She behaved herself until she got home then let you have both barrels.(so to speak) I’m glad you got her out to meet all of the people who have been so loyal to you and following your progress to get her here. Love to all.

  2. Of course her public adored her! But poop to the armpits? Gross. I hardly wait to see such a sight for myself.

    I’m glad you guys are all feeling better now. May your good health continue so you can fully enjoy the Autumn.

  3. I would also say perfect Rana, even the poop thing. You are not officially a parent until you do the cleaning up the poop to the armpits thing at least once (usually multiple times). I wish we could have seen her fist. Darn this lack of money crap. I want to hold her too! Auntie Sherri is getting baby cravings again…..I need a fix. Oh, and baby toe pictures please. I still have yet to see if this baby has feet.

  4. I’ve seen the feet! And cutie patootie feet they are, I have to say!

    You know, I’m pretty sure that the pit poo is a direct result of the late night bacon burgers she and Duncan are feasting upon whenever you and BDH are sound asleep.

    Plus, I love being able to type the phrase pit poo. It makes me laugh.

  5. The Cat Clinic? The one in Hamilton? I used to work there. Is Dr O’Brien the Good Doctor?

    Uh, I mean… Yay, baby!

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