7 thoughts on “EthioExpedition: Dubai

  1. Ok I am love love loving the posts!!!! I am sooo living vicariously through you right now!
    Thanks for the list so far….looking forward to the next one.
    I am so happy for your wee family of three right now…other than the being sick part.

    What do the cats of think of this cute little intruder???


  2. Ricki — I am glad you are enjoying the Ethiopian stuff! I will try to post more lists soon.

    The cats are adjusting nicely to Her Babyness’s arrival. They’re in various stages of denial and acceptance. Duncan has taken to following us around with her whenever we are changing her, feeding her, whatever. We think he has either decided to adopt her as His Baby, or he’s angling to take her toys and blankets. Hard to say, really.

  3. I’m super curious about how things were for her there. What was her schedule like? How many children were in the room with her? Has it been easy to adapt her to a schedule on her own, or have you kept her to her previous schedule? Where there things that they did/did not do at the home that you were surprised to see or learn about? Did the kids spend most of their time indoors, or did they get outside time? (Which would depend, I imagine on the ratio of caregivers to children at the home, so I suppose it correlates to an earlier question.)

    That’s just off the top of my head. I’m sure there are more to come.

    I’m a curious type, am I not?

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