Up. Down. Up. Down. Down and Out.

We are home. Thanks everyone for checking in over the last couple of days, and sorry we’ve been slow to update.

We are SICK. And so the last couple of days has been a lot of sleeping and complaining and crying and medicating. BDH has a cold, Stinkerbelle has a cold and the runs, and I have embarked upon the Ethiopian weight loss program (also known as a violent case of digestive malfunction).

The trip went fairly well. Other than a rough first leg from Addis to Dubai, in which a woman beside me let her Satan child run wild, throwing dishes, stealing food from my tray, and smacking other passengers with a metal knife, and in which she also refused to accept that she was limited to one seat and was constantly leaning into mine or the passenger on the other side and draping her child across her lap to kick and head butt me all trip long, it was fine.

In the Dubai airport, we were directed to an oasis of calm, the Marhaba Lounge, where we were in a quiet spot to catch a few catnaps and with an unlimited buffet from which to partake — all for FREE. And then the long road home from Dubai to Toronto, all 14 hours of it, which was almost enjoyable aside from the sheer exhaustion. We were awake from around 10 pm Toronto time on Wednesday until we touched down in Toronto at 3:15 on Friday. And sleep did not come for a long time after that.

Toronto Terminal 1, for all its newness, is still an organizational nightmare. It took us an hour and a half at least to clear customs and immigration and get our bags (all the while our little girl had a full diaper and she did not complain one tiny bit — she was a real trooper), and then an hour and a half car ride to home.

When we finally got home Friday evening, and for the remainder of the weekend, we tried to catch what sleep we could, given the totally screwed up time schedules and being sick as dogs. BDH has been holding down the fort, being the least sick of all of us, and has been absolutely incredible. He’s up half the night with the girl, and then ran out today to get her an OHIP card so we can get her in to the doctor tomorrow, while I remain horizontal to avoid risk of passing out.

So there’s the latest. We still have so much to tell, after such a journey. But it will have to wait until I get further into my course of Cipro and Gatorade. I’m down and out for the count today.

10 thoughts on “Up. Down. Up. Down. Down and Out.

  1. Oh, you poor little family! That sucks. You’re first weekend home dealing with teh sickness. Nothing like says quality family time like a multitude of gastrointestinal distress. For it is in these moments that you realize that your family are the ones that love you no matter HOW bad you look, feel, )and depending upon the disorder) smell.

    Lots of love to you all. Feel better soon.

  2. Oh Cinn! How awful to be so sick!! I had a little laugh about the lady with the hellion running loose on the plane -but then I imagined myself in your spot and I quit laughing – I seriously would have lost it.

    So glad you made it home safe and sound and hope you are all feeling better soon!!!


  3. Oh no!!!I am sorry that your homecoming as a family of 3 has all of you sicker then dogs! I hope that cipro and gatorade do their thing fast.
    And although I am SOO anxious to hear more about the trip and see some pics of your little trooper, take time to rest and get your health back…we’ll all be waiting for ya!

  4. Poor sick family!! I hope you’re back on your feet fast.

    I often sit next to people like that on the commuter train to work, and the situation can often be rectified by prolonged eye contact. That said, given that you were on an international flight, I’m not sure of the cross-cultural effect of that form of communication. Hmmm…

    I’m impressed that in your current state you still have the energy to leave such encouraging words on my blog… so thank you! They are always appreciated.

    Take care, family! Feel better!

  5. I wish you guys would have had a smoother flight and transition home, hopefully you’re feeling better very soon! Take care and smoother that stinkerbell with tons of hugs and kisses!!


  6. Ack. So sorry you are sick… try and get your sleep if possible and I hope you rebound soon! Looking forward to more tales of Stinkerbelle, hee. 🙂

  7. Ugh and ick. Great to hear from you but man, I’m sorry you are all so sick.

    Welcome home!! Take it easy, rest up, snuggle with your Stinkerbelle & BDH, and we’ll wait for you to feel better.

  8. That’s one Sassy little gal you have there. I enjoyed the agoo agoos over the phone and the raspberries but the squealing is something else. Can’t wait to hold her. We will be there before you know it and introduce ourselves to her. Hope Cinn is feeling better by then and BDH is in top form as he always is. Just like his Dad plow ahead even if you feel like crap. Love you all.

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