In The Land of the Lion of Judah

We’ve arrived.

We are currently shaking off the incredible tired of a nap after our nearly 2-day journey to Ethiopia. The trip was a good one — 13 hours in the air to Dubai, 13 hours layover spent largely at a hotel in Dubai where we got a precious several hours of sleep, and another 4 hour flight to Addis. The trip was made so much easier by flying Emirates Airlines, quite possibly the best airline in terms of staff, service, amenities and planes that I have ever experienced. Honestly, it was fantastic.

But still, our days and nights are turned almost upside down, as we are on the other side of the planet, so we are tired. VERY tired. I think after a good night’s sleep tonight we will be ready for our big day tomorrow: the day we have waited for since I don’t know when. The day we finally get to hold our little girl.

The people we have met so far have been unbelievably lovely. Barring the usual idiots you meet while travelling, who we have decided to just ignore, we have come into contact with fantastic people right from the minute we stepped out onto our front porch to meet our driver for the airport transit service.

The staff of Emirates have been, without exception, wonderful — two of the staff on our last flight from Dubai to Addis even took our picture and put it in a little souvenir card with a note of good wishes while meeting our daughter, and both of them are hoping to be on the flight back to meet her.

Our agency liaison here in Addis, Solomon, met us at the airport with a smile, a hug of welcome, and bouquets of roses, and is one of the kindest, gentlest men you could ever want guiding you through an experience like this. And the staff at the Hilton have been accomodating and gracious and we feel comfortable here in our home for the next 8 days.

And so, we sit in the city of our daughter’s birth, where it is New Year’s Eve, and realize how blessed we are to be here, safe and sound, with such wonderful people helping us along the way. And tomorrow, we start a new year with the country of Ethiopia and we start a new life with our daughter (who may or may not think meeting two frankly pale and tired-looking strangers is the best way to ring in a new year).

New day, new year, new family. All in a country as old as humanity itself.

I did not know we could be so blessed.

13 thoughts on “In The Land of the Lion of Judah

  1. Great to know you are there safely. Get some sleep and welcome your little one with a big hug from us.

  2. Wow. It is so AWESOME (like a BILLION hot dogs) that it’s New Years there.

    I fretted, it is true, about you getting there safely.

    Now that THAT concern is laid to rest I shall commence fretting about all the other things that I can find to fret about.

    Meanwhile, have BDH give you a big damn hug from us and know that we love you guys, we’re thinking of you, and we wish you the best of days tomorrow.

    I can hardly believe that THE DAY is here.

    Kiss her cute little bald head for me. And tell her that Aunt Kelly mailed off a package today for her. I waited to make sure it would get to you about the time you guys got home.

  3. Yey!!! Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! I am sooo excited for you! I can’t wait until you are holding her in your arms forever! I can’t stop using exclamations either!!!


  4. Gah! I’m so excited for you! Is it weird to be so happy for someone you have yet to meet? It’s a pretty auspicious day for us, too, adoption-wise, as the CAS reference checks have finally started coming in!

  5. I’m so glad you made it there safe!!
    Big hugs to the little one tomorrow! No fighting over who gets to hold her, make sure you take turns πŸ˜‰


  6. I am so excited for you both. I am sure you won’t sleep much tonight either because of all the excitement. Enjoy your time with your daugher and know that you are all thought of daily and we are all lurking repeatedly to get news. I am sure your blog has never had so many hits as we all await any news you might have. Can’t wait to see pictures.

  7. For shame – stop making me cry at work!

    Can’t wait to hear that you’ve finally met your sweet girl.

    (And suddenly I’m wondering if she’s roomies with mine!)

  8. Soooo happy to hear that you arrived safe and sound! In a mere few HOURS you will finally be with your daughter!
    I am so excited for you!

  9. Glad you made it safe & sound, and Emirates sounds great! Happy New Year and I can’t wait to read your next post. πŸ™‚

  10. Congratulations! We are counting the minutes and assume you’ve got your beautiful little girl in your arms (as we type). Love to you three!

    Sandy (and Jeff)

  11. Wow, you are posting from E!!

    So, glad you made it safe and sound – and will soon be holding your beautiful baby girl!

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