Five years ago today, BDH and I got married.

We had been together, say, 7 years by that point. And we didn’t want to get married at first. But BDH is kind of a traditional guy, and so after a while we decided to have a very small, intimate wedding. Our plan for a wedding was basically to get together with a few of our closest friends and family and have a good meal and good wine and good conversation.

Simple. Elegant. It went almost perfectly. The weather was gorgeous, the food was fantastic, the flowers were spectacular.

It was a nice day.

We did not have a honeymoon. We decided not to, because we really wanted to go someplace fabulous, and we just didn’t have the money to afford what we wanted. But that was okay — we just decided we’d save up and go somewhere really memorable on our fifth anniversary instead.

Well, our fifth anniversary is here. And we did save, and we are going someplace fabulous — in two short days’ time, we’re off to Ethiopia. Not exactly a romantic, sun-drenched Caribbean getaway or a cottage in the west of Ireland or anything like we had envisioned.

But then, we didn’t plan on marking the day with an anniversary present. So that kind of changes things a bit.

We’re going to get the best anniversary present ever — our daughter.

Beats the hell out of wood or silverware.

11 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Okay, now I’m getting all teary! You’re turning me into a sap! I am sooo very excited for you! And if you get a moments time, please blow some kisses to my baby boy!

  2. It was a beautiful wedding. I have heard that from someone else as well. It was very well planned and executed down to the last moment. Happy Anniversary. As for your present be prepared to share (it) with everyone.

  3. I’m so going to miss you guys. Be safe, be well, be happy and enjoying falling in love with someone new on your anniversary trip.

    You both deserve it.

    We love you guys and please be sure to give Ms.SassyPants a special snuggle from me when you get there.

  4. Happy anniversary!!! I hope that you had a great day and I can’t image a more beautiful gift that your daughter. Try and top that one next year, ha ha.

    Have a safe trip.


  5. Well happy anniversary! Do you think she’ll be wrapped? Just kidding, have an amazing trip with that beautiful little baby girl!!!!


  6. Happy Anniversary, I can not believe that in just a day or two you will be leaving to get YOUR daughter! What an anniversary present she will be! I wish you a safe trip and an easy transition for you and your daughter.

  7. Happy Anniversary. Time sure flies. Just think, in 5 years your daughter will be in school!

  8. we spent our 11th anniversary becoming parents as well – in that same wonderful place. many many congrats! sure hope you will have the chance to return before your 17th ann, as we did, for more kids 🙂


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