Friday Fun: Last One for Awhile

So, this is it, our last Friday Fun before we leave for Addis… so the last one for awhile, I am guessing!

So tell me:

  1. What’s the furthest away from home you have ever travelled?
  2. What housecleaning task do you dislike most?
  3. Where is your bathing suit RIGHT NOW?
  4. Are you afraid of travelling on an airplane?
  5. What’s your favourite hard candy?
  6. Do you look good in hats or do you look like a dork?
  7. Do you pack light, pack well, or pack everything but the kitchen sink when travelling?
  8. What’s the most awkward thing you’ve ever tried to pack?
  9. What’s the nicest hotel you’ve ever stayed at?
  10. What’s your best advice to somebody travelling in a foreign country (like me)?
  11. What’s your best advice to a new parent travelling with a small baby (like me)?
  12. What’s your best advice to a new parent like me (in general)?

So that’s it… a couple more sleeps and we are OFF? And then we’re not going to sleep again for, I dunno, months.

9 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Last One for Awhile

  1. 1. Thailand
    2. Cleaning the toilets
    3. Ummmm…in a drawer.
    4. No, I used to work as a flight attendant so it is like home to me now.
    5. I don’t like hard candies – make my teeth feel dirty.
    6. Like a dork but I wear them anyways.
    7. Depends where I am going….
    8. A hammock from my trip to Panama…ha ha..ended up carrying it!
    9. What’s the nicest hotel you’ve ever stayed at?
    10. Be aware of the countries culture, religion and beliefs and follow them..
    11. Hmmmmm…ask for lots of help.
    12. Take it in stride and remember everyone who has kids is a newbie to start with whether they give birth or adopt! Oh and don’t listen to everyone’s will know what is best for baby!

  2. Oops! I forgot to answer #9

    9. There are two – the Fort Garry in Winnipeg – it is such a cool, old hotel! So old and full of ghosties!

    The Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu in LaMalbaie, Quebec – again a very old hotel and it overlooks the St. Lawrence River.

  3. 1. Ethiopia baby! And I hope to be there again soon 🙂
    2. Laundry, yuck
    3. In a ball at the back of my closet shelf
    4. Nope
    5. Werthers
    6. Hats and me don’t go together, how I wish though
    7. Generally way too much on short trips, but on the long ones I stick to the list and it always works out!
    8. That’s funny Rana…we bought a hammock in Mexico and wrapped it in garbage bags and checked it…yep, we got some funny looks!
    9. Ok, when we were in France, we walked into very fancy hotels in Paris and Monaco…does that count?
    10. Be smart, be sensible, be aware of how their culture works.
    11. Bring lots of good diapers
    12. Enjoy all the highs with the cries and poopy bums! You’re going to be an awesome mom & dad!!!


  4. Woooohoooo!! Safe and happy travels to you!

    1. Santorini, Greece
    2. Vacuuming – or anything noisy
    3. In my pj drawer
    4. Nope. I love any excuse to sit and watch movies for a few hours.
    5. Don’t like them… I’d trade them for fruit gummies
    6. Dorrrrrk
    7. Light when I plan ahead a lot, well when I plan ahead a little, and everything but the sink when I leave things until an hour before the plane leaves
    8. Well, I’d say our hammock from Mexico, but that’s already taken 🙂 Second choice would be our dog, when we moved provinces. Poor little guy!
    9. Some Hilton or other when I was traveling for work
    10. See comments by Rana and Rhonda. Also, beware the water!
    11. Ummm… write down your tips as you go, to share with other new parents like me!
    12. Savour every moment! This is incredible!

  5. 1. Dude. You know me and geography. How the hell do I know?
    2. Hmmm…. I think it would be cleaning the teenaged boy’s bathroom.
    3. In the drawer where I keep them.
    4. No, but I get bored SO quickly on a flight that I usually dread getting on the plane.
    5. Jolly Ranchers. Cherry flavor.
    6. Some hats I look okay in. Some I look like a total idiot when I wear them. It’s a crap shoot. I don’t typically wear a hat though if I can avoid it.
    7. Gah! It depends on where I’m going and how long I’ll be gone. Short trips I can pack easily and lightly – only taking exactly what I need. Long trips will find me packing everything I own because I just can’t seem to process being away from home for very long. I end up doing all of that “contingency” packing – i.e. “What if….”
    8. I’m drawing a blank. I’ve no idea.
    9. Recently? Like within the past couple of years? This one:
    10. Don’t drink the tap water. Oh, and it DOES NOT taste just like chicken. Just trust me on that one.
    11. Pack headache medicine. For your fellow travelers.
    12. Sleep. Whenever you can. But I’ve been tired for four years now. I’m just impressed I’ve kept them alive this long.

  6. 1. Sydney, Australia
    2. I don’t like housecleaning at all, but if I have to answer I’d say vacuuming.
    3. In one of my drawers.
    4. No, but I watch way too much Mayday so that might change. I hate airplane toilets, though.
    5. Werthers. Without a doubt.
    6. Dork. Hats don’t seem to go with short hair, I end up looking bald.
    7. Pack well. I make a list beforehand so I know everything will match.
    8. 3 place settings of china, when we moved from Canada to Australia. Only chipped underneath the lip of one plate though!
    9. Royal York, when I was a kid
    10. I can’t improve on the other comments, other than to say make sure you have your travel documents on or near your person all the times
    11. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or to accept it when offered.
    12. Don’t doubt yourself – you know more than you think you do.

  7. 1.Ethiopia!
    2.Dusting….not sure why it is that I hate it so much but I go weeks withour dusting so DO NOT run your fingers along the top of the fireplace if you ever visit my house.
    3.In the bottom drawer of our amoire.
    4.Not at all….in fact it makes me feel important or something.
    5.I’m more of a gummy girl but I’ll go with jolly ranchers.
    6.Total dork.
    7.I always pack way more then I use…habit I need to break!
    8.A really long wooden giraffe.
    9.Delta Bessborough in Saskatoon on our wedding night
    10.Relax and enjoy it….everybody makes you so nervous before you go….watch for this, be careful of that, don’t go there, yaddee yaddee yada!
    11.Take lots of pictures and try and keep a journal.
    12.Relax, enjoy every moment and try and find the humout in the mot-so-humorous moments. And don’t forget that they grow up soooo super fast so treasure them while they are little.

    Godspeed my friend!


  8. 1. England and Scotland.
    2. I don’t like a messy kitchen but I hate to keep it up.
    3. Second drawer of my dresser.
    4. No, I used to be but hey, once you are on the plane relax you can’t control anything but yourself.
    5. Peppermints.
    6. I think I look like a dork but I have been told I look great in a hat.
    7. I used to pack everything until I finally realized that most things you can buy where ever you are traveling,except medications.They are a must on your list.
    8. I can’t think of anything at this time.
    9. We do not tend to stay at hotels but RCI has some great places like the Lawrence Welk resort in California.
    10. Relax, you have a friendly face.
    11. I can’t help you. I did not travel with young children on a plane.
    12. I know you have heard this before but relax and enjoy them while they are young. BDH’s Grandmother Caldwell always said the dirt will be still there when I am dead and gone so why sweat it. She raised 10 children and everyone loved her because she had time for everyone who wished to spend time with her. She would have treated everyone the same be it a small child or the queen of England. It could be a tea party for the young or an extra place at her table for anyone who dropped in. So I guess I am saying to take things as they come along and deal with the moment not what might happen in the future.

  9. 1. Moved to Canada from Arizona (Canadian men are hot-so I married one!)
    2. Cleaning dog slobber off the walls.
    3. Ready to go in my athletic bag for aquasize on Monday.
    4. Nah
    5. Life Savers
    6. Pretty dorky in my pink “cowboy” hat
    7. pack well
    8. My wedding dress
    9. Usually I’m lucky if there isn’t a chalk outline on the floor…
    10. There is a universally desperate look for “Where is the bathroom” that transends language barriers.
    11. Make friends with your neighbors on the flight before the screaming kicks in- they tend to be more understanding that way!
    12. Just remember to take care of yourself, it will help you do a better job of taking care of your little one.

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