And Now, A Pause for Happy

Although we’ve been busy getting ready to go, there have been a couple of lovely little breaks in the craziness over the last little bit. Sometimes you need a little happy interlude to help keep you balanced and focused on the tasks at hand.

  • I checked the mail last night to find that the ever-awesome Rana sent along a little gift for our daughter — a gorgeous sleeper that we oohed and aahed about last night before heading to bed. And with the sleeper was a wonderful, sweet note to send along good wishes for our upcoming trip. So thank you so much, Rana, for the lovely gift and your thoughtfulness!
  • Also in the happy mail from last night, a prezzie from Kelly, also known as the Guilty Squid, sent along to BDH (and myself by extension). BDH is an IT guy (as you can probably guess from all the blogs and me talking about computers and other gizmos) and so Kelly found him the perfect book to get ready for fatherhood: The Baby Owner’s Manual – Operating Instructions, Troubleshooting Tips, and Advice on First Year Maintenance. It’s full of diagrams and technological terminology relating to babies — for example, a mouth is referred to as a “central processing unit” and a diaper, a “waste depository”, and contains a chapter called “Feeding: Understanding the Baby’s Power Supply”. It is THE PERFECT baby book for BDH, and will be some great reading for him for the trip! So thank you Kelly!
  • And in the “soon to be mail” department… I got an email from our girl’s Auntie Sherri that there are prezzies en route! Hand-me-downs of all sorts and shoes, too! YAY! It’s like Christmas in September around here! So I am very excitedly awaiting THAT package, too!
  • Yesterday, as a break from the nutty, I spent a couple hours in the company of Heather (she of the rockin’ baby clothes!), Miss Isabella and the Little Man. It was Miss Isabella’s day to meet her teacher prior to her first day at school next week, and my assignment was to take the Little Man for a walk while Mom and Dad and Herself grilled the new teacher on the care and training of the princess. SO… off we went, the two of us, round and round the school property, in billion degree heat. But there was a breeze, and birds and bugs to be seen, so it was a lovely walk, made lovelier still by the class in “Baby Communication 101” conducted by the Little Man as we walked along. “Repeat after me: ba-ba-ba-ba… da-da-da-da… ma-ma-ma-ma… Okay, now a chorus of ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’…” And there was also a TOY waiting for my daughter, a nifty toy of somewhat alien appearance that makes clickitty crunchy noises and has all kinds of colours and a mirror… Such a good day for me! All this, and LUNCH too! It was a most excellent day.
  • Also, from the department of Heather and Baby Things… Heather’s most awesome Mom found us a story book with black kids in it! Actually, it’s got kids of all ethnicities, and it’s all about how being different colours is really neat, and how lovely these differences between people can be. Apparently, she has been scouring the stores in search of toys, baby dolls and books that have kids with brown skin as the focus, just for our girl! So thank you so much Mrs. P!
  • Today, I am off to get my hair coloured and cut considerably shorter than it is now in preparation for our trip. (Long enough for a ponytail still, but short enough that the ponytail is at the BACK and not hanging around front tempting chubby little hands…) I want to be sure to look presentable for this very important adventure. Years later, I want my daughter to look back at photos of a well-kept mom who doesn’t look as old as she is, and think she was kind of okay. Plus going across international borders with questionable hair is an invitation for customs searches, not to mention the fact that crazily dyed hair will startle a small child… so I thought it best to sharpen up a bit. So, it’s off for a mini spa day for me!

13 thoughts on “And Now, A Pause for Happy

  1. And….from Blues Clues Birthday, of which you will soon own lots of dvds….”Present time, present time, open the present and see what’s inside.” Yeah, we love the presents and hand-me downs.

  2. Ooooh sounds like fun!
    I know you are leaving soon so just wanted to wish you a super fabulous trip and also to remind you to take notes for me…pretty please!!
    I can’t wait to hear all about everything, so make sure you take a journal and write it all down so you don’t forget anything!!!
    I am living vicariously through you until I get to go get my little man!

  3. I second Ricki’s comment – I wish you a safe, wonderful trip with minimal hassles & a baby that flies well & has no poo-spolsions en route. I hear changing a diaper in an airplane toilet is very difficult. Perhaps you should bring a plastic smock to protect your clothes during this procedure. I look forward to hearing all about it.

  4. Hooray for the book! I’m so glad BDH is pleased. This makes me very happy.


    It’s almost time to go pick up your daughter!

  5. My new mom-do is the same as my old mom-do… except about 3 or 4 inches shorter.

    Dude. If it can’t go in a ponytail, it’s NOT going to work for me.

  6. Yes but there were CHANGES.

    And also? You are posting WAY too few pictures of the prep for my taste.

    I haven’t seen your mad packing skills, the baby’s new paint color, the new hair cut (or color, whatever)…

    You KNOW how visual I am. I need …. MORE.

    (Plus also you’ll be gone for a bit, and I need some extra to tide me over whilst you’re away.)

  7. Well, yes. I’m sure it makes you weary, but – get used to it! You’re actually quite fabulous and funny.

    So THERE!

  8. Hey Cinn!
    CK gave me your blog!

    Do you remember me from AS?
    My wife and I are waiting for our referral (hopefully by Oct).
    Hopefully we’ll be where you are in 7 months (ready to travel).

    Good luck in Addis. We want to hear all about it!

    Vince C.

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