Friday Fun: Packing Up

Okay, so here’s the deal: I’ve been preparing for this trip for the past week at least. It feels like forever. So it’s your turn.

YOU are packing to go away… let’s say YOU’RE travelling across the planet to… whatever. It doesn’t matter. You get to pack for a change. Give me a break from all the lists I am surrounded by these days.

So, here are all the things you get to choose from. You can pack your own bag, choosing ONE each from the choices below.

  1. Airplane comfort: earplugs, hard candy, eye mask, knitting or other handicrafts, gum
  2. Reading material: a thriller, a mystery, a romance, a biography, a couple of magazines
  3. Pants: jeans, cotton pants, yoga pants, capris, I don’t do pants — I prefer skirts
  4. Snacks: trail mix, granola bars, mini chocolate bars, little packets of crackers and cheese/peanut butter, licorice
  5. Pajamas: flannel nightie, short nightie, long pajamas, shorts and t-shirt, what pajamas?? 😉
  6. Entertainment: an iPod with a variety of tunes on it, a travel Scrabble game, a laptop and some DVDs, a book of crossword puzzles, a deck of cards
  7. Shoes: sandals, runners, crocs, hiking boots, flip flops
  8. Something to entertain a 5 month old: a soft rattle, keys to gum on, a snuggly toy, stacking cups, soft blocks
  9. Warmth: fleece jacket, windbreaker, hoodie, sweats, fleece blanket
  10. One luxury item — what’s one luxury item you like to take to travel? A travel pillow? Your own pillow? You name it!

Okay, let’s see your packing list!

8 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Packing Up

  1. 1. Airplane comfort: earplugs and eye mask – you really need both
    2. Reading material: a thriller
    3. Pants: yoga pants – wore them on the plane to Thailand and all over Thailand – don’t get wrinkled
    4. Snacks: granola bars
    5. Pajamas: shorts and t-shirt
    6. Entertainment: an iPod with a variety of tunes on it
    7. Shoes: sandals, runners, and flip flops – must have all 3!
    8. Something to entertain a 5 month old: keys to gum on, 9. Warmth: fleece jacket -light weight and dries quickly
    10.One luxury item — A travel pillow – I have my own pillow and it is so awesome!

  2. 1. some sort of handicraft – I’ll be darned if I can sleep on a plane.
    2. a historical romance – something by Diana Gabaldon
    3. Yoga pants – sooooo comfortable
    4. packets of crackers & cheese
    5. Shorts & t-shirt
    6. I-pod & tunes (though I just went to Australia & my Nintendo DS kept me pretty occupied, also the movies in the seat in front of me).
    7. runners & flip flops (nice ones, though)
    8. keys to gum on
    9. fleece jacket
    10. inflatable neck pillow, because there’s nothing more embarassing than waking up with your head on some stranger’s shoulder (once you’ve finally fallen asleep).

  3. 1.Candy
    2.Definately magazines….I have trouble focusing on an actual book unless I’m in the bath tub!
    3.Yoga pants even though they are not really flattering to my derrier.
    4.Hmm, let’s go with mini choclate bars
    5.As much as Bruce wishes my answer would be “what pajamas” I have to say pants and a t-shirt.
    6.A laptop and some dvd’s.
    7.I am a flip flop addict….so comfy!
    8.Let’s go with the rattle.
    9.I love big comfy hoodies
    10.My luxury item would be a first class ticket…sigh.

  4. 1. Mmm, candy
    2. I call magazines, that darn tv screen in front of me tends to lure me over to it.
    3. Let’s call them “comfy pants” b/c this arse does not fit into yoga pants…perhaps I need to do yoga and then I could fit the pants.
    4. All of the above. How do you know what type of mood you’re going to be in.
    5. t-shirt and some sort of shorts/capris/pants
    6. Ipod!
    7. Shoes…yep need all of them for over there….flip flops, runners, crocs
    8. Can you gum on the rattle, not you, but the sweet baby?
    9. Fleece? But is it still raining over there right now?
    10. Private jet, hands down.

  5. 1. inflatable pillow that fits around your neck.
    2. anything you don’t have to think too much about. Marian Keyes and Sue Grafton are 2 of my go-to authors for flying.
    3. anything light weight and stretchy
    4. Pria bars in case you miss a meal, and a giant wodge of good chocolate to calm the nerves.
    5. t shirt and flannel pants.
    6. iPod
    7. if I can only take 1… sport sandals.
    8. stacking cups. Light, pack small, everybaby loves to knock down towers. Plus they could be used as snack cups or food dishes in case of desperation.
    9. lightweight fleece
    10. Ricki’s luxury item, for sure. Have you SEEN those first class seats/beds/pods on the new Air Canada planes?

  6. Better late to the party than never:

    1. Airplane comfort: knitting & chewy candy
    2. Reading material: a mystery & a couple of magazines
    3. Pants: yoga pants
    4. Snacks: mini (or, more likely, not so mini)chocolate bars
    5. Pajamas: shorts and t-shirt
    6. Entertainment: an iPod with music and fave podcasts
    7. Shoes: runners
    8. Something to entertain a 5 month old: all of them, just in case!
    9. Warmth: hoodie & a blanket
    10. One luxury item — a travel pillow is really a must have, not a luxury. I’ve tried bringing my own pillow before but it’s too bulky. MY luxury item would actually be a 1st class seat.

  7. Oh you know what? I never posted MY answers!

    Well, Mom hasn’t either, and shes usually the one getting after me because I did not post, so I guess I am okay. She’s feisty, that one.

    Okay, my answers:

    1. Airplane comfort: It used to be that I could sleep through anything and comfort was not an issue. But then I got to the point where I had travelled TOO MUCH on planes and every little noise distracted me and everything bothered me. So now, I take along knitting to keep my mind busy.
    2. Reading material: Used to be magazines. Now I am too cheap for magazines, so I’ll probably take along a biography.
    3. Pants: Yoga pants, baby! Although truth be told, I am most comfortable in sweats.
    4. Snacks: I’d like to say trail mix because it seems like the healthy option, but dude, Halloween’s coming… and there’s all those mini chocolate bars in the stores now…
    5. Pajamas: I like jammies with shorts, so I say shorts and t-shirt.
    6. Entertainment: We’re totally taking most of these things, but if I have to choose, I love my iPod. And a laoptop comes a close second.
    7. Shoes: Runners, for sure.
    8. Something to entertain a 5 month old: I have a couple of soft rattles, but keys are a good option too.
    9. Warmth: I’m thinking fleece jacket.
    10. My one luxury item, if it can’t realistically be a first-class ticket, is actually a laptop. I can be endlessly entertained with a laptop full of movies, music, podcasts… and of course the internet. Besides, how else would I post updates of our trip? 😀

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