Random Baby Stuff

All this preparation is making me random.

  • It is possible that our daughter’s room is, in actual fact, a TARDIS. Because it just seems there’s no end to the stuff I am taking out of it in preparation to clean and paint. (Doctor Who reference FTW! And for those of you who don’t know, a TARDIS is bigger on the inside than the outside.)
  • Manufacturers of crib mobiles haven’t ever actually SEEN a crib, have they?
  • Some people are still awaiting proof that my child has feet. Recent photographs show footies of her sleeper, but as one friend says, “Well, they could have put wooden legs in there. You don’t know.”
  • We have re-instituted the concept of afternoon naps with my elderly cat, Opus. She will be spending every afternoon in her cage with a bowl of food. This will not only encourage her to eat (because she is old, and sometimes forgets, so she is losing weight), but will also keep her from wandering through the house yowling and shrieking and waking the baby.
  • Babies are a great excuse for many things. I just cancelled my lawn service because of the expense of a baby. I told a pollster I was voting a certain party in our local byelection because of the baby. I can yell at telemarketers who call at whatever time because of the baby. Babies ROCK!
  • Members of the Mystery Baby Welcoming Committee are soon breaking off into various sub-committees, including the Hanging in the Toy Bag from the Ceiling in the Corner Committee, the Sleeping Baby Comfort Committee, and the Sitting on Top of the Wardrobe Because We Have Bead Eyes Committee. I do hope they enjoy their new roles.

4 thoughts on “Random Baby Stuff

  1. Look, all I’m sayin’ is that we have no actual, legitimate evidence that she does, in fact, have feet. For all I know they just had those insert things in the sleepers like some places do with shoes.

    It would just be nice to SEE them.

    It’s all I’m saying.

  2. Oh, I am all for baby toes. I love baby toes!!! I am sending along (hopefully today) a care package of pants, sleepers, etc. and SHOES for misssassypants from Madd Dawn. They are Robbiez and light green with little pink strawberries on them (0-6 months). Madd Dawn wore them all the time and they look brand new. Hope they get there in time to take them with you.

  3. Forgot to mention the shoes are a beautiful soft leather and keep baby toes nice and warm.

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