Well, as if my perfect day could not get any better…

Not only is the weather perfect, and Canada’s show jumper won gold at the Olympics, but I find myself with a good case of schadenfreude (well, close anyway).

The Mayor just cruised up in his Mid-Life Crisismobile blasting his car radio. And what was the King of Know-It-All, the Czar of Cool, the Sultan of Suave listening to at full volume?

Wait for it!…



To quote The Mayor, when a young person goes by with the radio blaring: “It doesn’t always have to be a parade, you know.”

Oh, how Kelly would have LOVED to see this. How she ADORES a good Mayor sighting.

3 thoughts on “Schadenfreude

  1. It was so awesome to watch the Canadian jumper guy win the gold! The other night we cheered so loud while watching Simon Whitfield come from behind to get silver in the Triatalon…darn it the longs legs on that german guy.

    Our Mayor was named the Craziest Mayor in Canada by Rick Mercer…it’s true check it out –

    Maybe our two Mayor’s should hang out in suits, under a glass dome and drive around playing Britney Spears…I would pay money to see that show!

  2. How could you NOT have had a video handy???? You could have (to protect the guilty, of course) blurred his face. Or superimposed K-Fed’s on his body. Oh the HILARITY.

    I can see how not having television is not at all a hardship in your neighborhood.

    Damn, I wish I could have been there too.

    *Snort* PLEASE tell me what Brit song it was. I need the complete picture. (Hoping it was “(You Drive Me)Crazy”)

  3. I am not sure what song it was… they’re all noise pollution to me. But doesn’t cruising to the tuneless warbling of a talentless crazy drunk just seem PERFECT for the mayor? And you just KNOW he’s thinking, “Heeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy… I am SO cooooool. Lookit me! The kids all think I am a groovy HEP CAT.”

    Meanwhile, The Mayor’s Wife gardens herself into oblivion.

    Life here CAN be entertaining, from a reasonable distance.

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